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Good News for Eastern Barred Bandicoots

Here is a link to the latest news about Eastern Barred Bandicoots. Read about Tiverton, guardian dogs and all the other interesting projects that are happening around this threatened species link.

Management Ideas

A Day for Monarchs

It was beautiful today.  Monarch butterflies were gathering around the blooms on my walk, and particularly in the gardens surrounding the fountains at Lake Harriet Rose Gardens (a shame I didn’t have my camera). 24 more words

Anita S Tillemans

Lemurs of Mahamavo

Being in the Mahamavo decidious dry forest for 6 weeks was plenty of time to track down as many lemur species possible for the region. Lemurs are primates that can only be found in Madagascar. 118 more words


pretty little bungalow: Gardirect Retro Painted Bird House, Wooden Bird Nesting Box

This bird house is sized to attract, in my Midwestern American region at least, House Finches, Sparrows, and Chickadees.

It’s made of a lightweight wood, as befits the modest price point. 200 more words


Great Spangled Fritillary

Today’s visitor is a great spangled fritillary. They’re super squirrely, so I’ve had a hard time getting a photo of one. By the time my camera focuses, the butterfly is half-way across town.



Covered in a shiny, corrugated plastic-like shell, this Locust leafminer beetle (Odontota dorsalis) meandered up and down its preferred host slowly excavating nutrients. 18 more words


Art Aquarium (アートアクアリウム)

Event ini diadakan dalam rangka HUT (Hari Ulang Tahun) Art Aquarium yang ke-10. Sebuah maha karya yang luar biasa ini diprakarsai oleh seorang seniman Jepang bernama Hidetomo Kimura. 499 more words