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Pointe du Tsaté Walk

It’s almost 2 years since I did this walk – up to the Pointe du Tsaté at 3,078 metres (or 10,078 ft) from La Forclaz (VS) at around 1800 metres (or 5,900 feet).  142 more words


Do Zoos Still Serve A Purpose?

Recently in Australia Bong Su, a bull elephant, was euthanised due to ongoing arthritis issues1 at the age of 432. In the wild, if all goes well, an elephant can live for between 60 to 70 years3 which begs the questions, did captivity shorten Bong Su’s life and are traditional zoo’s still important? 875 more words


In the swimming pool??

The Yea River Landcare Group area covers over 900 square kilometres of land and comprises the catchment of the Yea River and its tributaries. This land includes sloping hills and lush river flats, prime agricultural land and vast tracts of native bush. 185 more words

Masked Lapwing

Magpie-Lark, a.k.a. peewee

This little family of Magpie-larks (Grallina cyanoleuca, a.k.a. peewee, peewit or mudlark) enjoyed hanging around in the trees direct;ly opposite the holiday unit. The female parent didn’t get a photo-op on this day, probably because she was out hunting. 145 more words


A Wild Birthday

  • Stamps – Lawn Fawn “Cheery Christmas,” “Let’s Play,” “Wild for You” and “Jump for Joy”
  • Dies – Lawn Fawn “Cheery Christmas,” “Jump for Joy,” “Let’s Play,” and “Grassy Hillside Borders”
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