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F#02: Creeping Dread

Name: Creeping Dread

Class: Neutral

Designation: Fauna

Description: Mouse sized relative of the Lingering Horror, the Creeping Dread is physically similar, but with the addition of a furry ruff at its neck, and the head typically resembling an elongated mammalian skull, reminiscent of that of a mouse or rat. 97 more words

Art Doll

Photo Print #3: Spiders & Spiderwebs

A photo of light shining onto a spider and its spiderweb. I take photos of the animals in their natural environments and hence I do not disturb them, they are found, photographed and left as I found them. 182 more words

All Natural Spirit

Fontanile Quattro ponti

La visita al fontanile Quattro Ponti è stata bellissima. La giornata un po’ nebbiosa e la pianura padana gli hanno conferito un fascino speciale.

Testa del Fontanile… 105 more words


Finland: Lapland

Here in Russia we get a February break that is a week, and when given a whole week we travel, so we decided to go to Finland. 1,300 more words



I’ve been in the field of environmental management for a little while now and one thing that stands out is that most people who couldn’t care less about the environment and/or destroy it are the ones who have distanced themselves from it since childhood. 542 more words


Habitat for echidnas

When you clear up around your property for fire prevention, do you ever think about echidnas? Heaps of bark and leaves raked up from around the house make an ideal place for short-beaked echidnas to hide their young. 164 more words


Audubon Society Creates Database of Native Plants for Birds

Not terribly new but new-to-me; the Audubon Society has launched a database of native plants for birds. “Birds and plants that are native to an area have evolved together and often have these mutually beneficial connections. 119 more words

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