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Unbelievable duo!

I saw this article by Josh Starling at this site: http://www.inspiremore.com/belgian-shepherd-adopts-tiny-rescue-owl/, and I could not wait to share it with you because I am sure you, too, will be amazed at how the bond of friendship and trust developed between these two unlikely fauna creatures, thus, the caption, ‘Unbelievable duo!’ 210 more words



Today we visited McDaniel Farm Park in Gwinnett County, Georgia, and ran across this guy as we hiked around the trails. It was good to see some water flowing in the streams after many weeks of no rain.


Oh. My. God. They elected HIM?

When I got 100% of my data back from the simultaneous hard drive crashes, I resolved to spend at least 30 minutes each day going through my million-plus pictures and videos and actually cataloging them. 170 more words

Mother & Father Nature

The Upright Stuff

Last month, several red dragonflies were flying around the Little Silver Nature Trail, sometimes resting on the boardwalk that cuts along and across a creek. This one — perhaps an Autumn meadowhawk ( 11 more words


Eastern Blue-tongued Lizard

EASTERN BLUE-TONGUED LIZARD      Tiligua scincoides

Quiet often see these in Mulwarrie Studios garden. This one appears to have taken up residence in our canoe shed. Photo – 27 Nov 2016