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See sawfly

A small sawfly (perhaps in the Tenthredininae family) marched all over the much larger leaves of a milkweed plant, here exploring the area near the pink-purple midrib of the leaf.



The door opens.
Max is standing at a height of 8.9km-29,029feet-8848m(whatever sails your boat) at the edge of the chopper, looking down at death itself. 2,681 more words


Nutrire le Physa

Il mio acquario autoctono soffre sempre di equilibrio precario. In questo momento si possono vedere gli immancabili ostracodi, gastrotrichi, appunto le Physa. Nessuna traccia invece degli aselli, nè dei cyclops. 78 more words


Meadow browns

A message from Ian B on Tuesday of last week:

“Had a walk around the park this afternoon and did a bit of a butterfly transect.  208 more words


Various, Corsica

I thought I’d finish this Corsican holiday series with a few other photos which didn’t make it into the main series of posts.  I hope they’ve all given you a flavour of what Corsica is like. 108 more words


Adorable Baby Raccoons, Skyways in Minnesota, and Adaptive Architecture!

Maybe you already saw about this, but here is an interesting link about a little baby (well, teen-aged) raccoon, who spent two days climbing up and down a 25-story tower in St. 326 more words

Could Too Much Gardening Be Bad?!

My neighbour kindly offered me some advice that my peppers and courgette’s etc. were too cramped in their pots, mostly due to the expense of pots and soil and if I plant in the ground there is a high probability they will just get devoured.  836 more words