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The Goddess Within - Iva Kenaz

One of the things that makes Iva Kenaz’s writing so wonderful to read is it’s refreshing, unique, and void of any desire to be the next mainstream big thing. 598 more words


Beyond the Wardrobe: Celebrating the Chronicles of Narnia: Part 5: Mr. Tumnus

By the very nature of the word “fantasy”, such a story will be nothing short of “fantastic”. Things will happen that defy any logical or scientific explanation, with such a phenomena being attributed to “magic”. 4,264 more words


Charmed: Part 11 of 11, A Disney-Like Halloween Story (Without the Singing)

Chapter 11 Afterword

Elizabeth went home at ten o’clock and hugged her mom and dad, not without a few tears, and went straight to bed because she had a long, exhausting night. 824 more words