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Faunus (Roman)

Also known as: Fauna, Fanus, Fauni Faunus, Pan .

Faunus was one of the oldest Roman deities. he is God of crops, God of Fertility, Inventor of herding, hunting, and husbandry. 52 more words

Magickal Correspondences

Flora & Faunus

Sex! Now that I have your attention, we can explore the festival of Floralia, which is held between April 28th and May 3rd, symbolizing the renewal of the cycle of life, and kicking off our Beltane celebrations. 670 more words


A Sit Down with Faunus

Here is an interview with Admetos of ‪Faunus‬, (Ambient Post Black Metal/Shoegaze/Doom Metal) that I, Jeremy, did with the help of Brandy Janet who also contributed some of the questions. 1,140 more words

Up N Up Metal/Rock Webzine

Faunus, Black Metal Meets Mother Earth


Autumn: Death starts off with a thunderstorm and bells, that somewhat give off a ‘death’ ring. I personally didn’t think of Autumn with this song since I dont associate that season with death, it gave off a different vibe for me. 377 more words

Music Review

A Review of Queen Mab, by Kate Danley

Goodreads Rating: 3.43 Stars
343 Pages
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“Oh then I see Queen Mab hath been with you…”

Everyone knows Romeo & Juliet, but what if it isn’t the whole story?

738 more words

Pan Tea

Can you hear the call of the pipes on the winds winding through the forest? Light feet dancing here and there, but you’re unsure of exactly where? 79 more words

Shop Talk

Why I Hate Weiss Schnee

In the episodes “The Stray” and “Black and White”, Weiss makes overtly racist remarks against Faunus. Yet somehow in the end Blake is made to be the one apologizing for being a member of a group that at first… 197 more words

Black Feminism & Critique