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Faunus - Where Everything Begins with an End (Review)

Faunus is a one-man Greek black metal band and this is his debut album.

This is atmospheric black metal, with long songs that are inspired by the natural world. 235 more words


Faunus and Frigg

Faunus is the horned Roman god of the forest, fields, and plains. He was called Inuus when he committed bestiality with cows. Though many people over the ages have considered him the Roman equivalent of  623 more words

Mythological Names

Lilith - Archetyp der Wilden Frau (Teil 4)

Samael, oder auch Azazel, ein satyr-ähnlicher Fruchtbarkeitsgott und Gebieter der Unterwelt, wird oft als Liliths Gefährte erwähnt. Er ist das hebräische Pendant zu den griechischen, römischen und keltischen Vegetations- und Fruchtbarkeitsgöttern Dionysos, Bacchus, Faunus, Pan, Herne und Cernunnos. 624 more words


Gods of the month:Faunus, Inuus, and the She-Wolf of Rome

Next to Saturnalia, Lupercalia is one of the best known of Roman festivals. People focus on the young men who chase people on the street, with whips. 277 more words


Love and Valentine's Day

We will celebrate 43 years of marriage this year.

I know we have celebrated Valentine’s back in our younger years, but I cannot tell you the last time I spent time and focus on this holiday. 736 more words

Morning Thoughts

Gods of the Month: February

In February, Romans prepare for the coming of spring by purifying themselves, their homes, and their regions. “February” comes from februum (purgation), and the februa… 511 more words


My RWBY fan theory!

Before we begin, here’s a trade secret:  I like to have my work done far in advance, sometimes weeks, sometimes months.  As far as this post goes, this paragraph is the only part that wasn’t written in December.  1,279 more words