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faux hawk city

i only got one life to live and my part’s crestfallen off my head, my eyelids hanging half-mast tonight. my thoughts are no longer disorganized or petty or obsessed or compulsed, you see, i only got one life to live so i’m takin’ a train to faux hawk city, honey, and i won’t be comin’ back without you, no, i won’t be comin’ back all alone.

So What Happened to Oct/Nov. Haircolors

I am pretty sure I have Creative Attention Deficit Disorder.  I cannot seem to finish most every thing I start creatively (and in every other aspect of my life).   620 more words

Hair Color Of The Month

Colors of My Strands | JTHL

I have a habit of doing things on short planning, if any at all. Messing around with hair dye is one of those things. Perhaps you guessed it by now that after all of the color I tend to include in my hairstyles that use extensions, I would eventually dye my hair. 1,234 more words

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