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Waste-Less Wednesday: Fava Leaves, Hold the Chianti

Waste-Less Wednesday posts are all about ways to reduce or eliminate food waste, particularly at home. Most of the posts to date have focused on creative ideas for using more of the food that comes into your kitchen, especially fruits and vegetables. 1,024 more words


fava bean leaves. spring delicacy.

I first discovered these flavorful leaves last Spring and I was instantly enamored. They are intense without being harsh. Fava leaves are delicate yet hearty, light, smooth and delicious. 109 more words


Mini tacos and more worms!

First graders started off a unit on plant parts with a snack on Tuesday! As a class, we reviewed the six parts of a plant, acted out the plant life cycle (starting off as seeds planted in the ground… all the way to producing juicy strawberries), and then made mini plant part tacos, using the fava leaves 1st graders planted back in September as wrappers. 426 more words

What's living in our garden habitat?

Kindergarten and first grade scientists conducted a Living Creatures Hunt in the garden this week! Before embarking on their search, they reviewed what a habitat is and learned about and acted out six of the things all living things (people, animals, AND plants!) need in their habitats (shelter, air, water, food, company, and heat). 413 more words

All About FOOD!

We’ve been talking about food in different ways out in the garden over the past few days.

At the end of last week, 5th graders had their first harvesting and eating experience in our garden! 501 more words

Braving the cold to learn about trees and leaves

Despite the cold temperatures throughout much of this month, Kindergarteners and 1st graders got out into the garden to learn about trees and leaves and to do some cooking and eating! 425 more words

Fava Leaves Chow Mein

When I picked up my CSA box from Jeannie Berg, our local farmer, she asked that I taste the fava bean leaves that she included. I said they remind me of eating fresh sugar snap peas. 269 more words

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