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My Fave Five Redheaded Actresses

All this talk with Justine and Cara about the joys of being a redhead (or artificial redhead in Justine’s case) got me thinking about my favorite actresses who share this wonderful hair color of mine.  430 more words


Fave Five - Feb 2015

Hi, and sorry I’m late. There were only 28 days in February this year… I’ve been trying, trying, trying to be a responsible blog owner but by golly it’s hard! 919 more words


Fave Five January 2015

It’s high time I wrote a fave five post. It’s one of my old faves and I don’t do them enough. So, this year, rather than rounding up my fave five of one specific thing, I’m going to bring you my favourite five things for each month. 720 more words

Fave Five

Fave Five: Story 5

I liked writing this story and making it more of an alternative story form. It was fun to write about fall foods, and I enjoyed making a piktochart.


Fave Five

Fave Five: Story 4

I really enjoyed writing this story and attending this event. I thought I did a good job getting pictures and making a photo gallery. I also felt like I did a good job SDTing.


Fave Five

Fave Five: Story 3

I enjoyed writing the story about least liked books. It was interesting to talk to the teachers, and I thought I did a good job getting a variety of sources. 

Fave Five

Fave Five: Story 2

I really enjoyed writing my Back to School Essentials story. It was a fun story that I was able to write from my point go view.  48 more words

Fave Five