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Fave Five

Unfortunately, my mid year exams start in 2 days.


and instead of studying I think it is important I take a breather and write a short blog post of 5 things I am truly loving at the moment, in order to bring some love back into my life. 640 more words


Childhood Films Blogathon: My Fave Five Films From My Childhood

The wonderful Caz over at Let’s Go to the Movies is putting on a great blogathon this weekend: the Childhood Films Blogathon.  I’ve talked many many times about the films I enjoyed and watched over and over in a time referred to as “my childhood.” So far, I’ve already reviewed  712 more words


My Fave Five Films to Watch on the Fourth Of July

Happy Fourth of July! Today is the day when we American’s can drink and party all day while not in college and not be judged for it. 762 more words


The Friday Five

Hey, guys! Welcome to a new series that will highlight five things I loved in the past week. Keep an eye out, and send stuff my way if you think I will like it! 411 more words


Fave Five: YouTube Beauty Vloggers

Hello. Beauty. Again. Yaaasss.

When I started getting into makeup and before I went to Korea with my foot-long shopping list, I hit all the beauty channels to find out more about the items I wanted to buy, especially the vlogs. 1,789 more words


I Got Manga on My Mind, and My Mind on Manga

I remember the blissful afternoons when I would get home from school, turn on the TV, and just plop down on my bed to watch anime. 1,877 more words


My Fave Five Redheaded Actresses

All this talk with Justine and Cara about the joys of being a redhead (or artificial redhead in Justine’s case) got me thinking about my favorite actresses who share this wonderful hair color of mine.  430 more words