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Some people do a book challenge in which requires them to read a book starting with every letter of the alphabet. I decided to just make up a list of books I have read that begin with each letter. 276 more words

[Book Tags] - The Zombie Apocalypse

Lauren @ Always Me has such fun tags, and this was certainly another one that I yoinked from her. It’s such a fitting time to do it, too, considering it’s October and I’m hunkering down preparing for Samhain! 508 more words

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"Soft in the head" by Marie-Sabine Roger

This is the engaging story of two people who come together in friendship, kindness, affection, and appreciation. A remarkable and heart-rending novel that perfectly illustrates the quote: 694 more words

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Gerald’s Game by Stephen King book review #Spookathon


My Rating: 4.5★★★★✩

Genre: Horror,Suspense, Thriller, Psychological 


“If anyone ever asks you what panic is, now you can tell them: an emotional blank spot that leaves you feeling as if you’ve been sucking on a mouthful of pennies.” …

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Books That Made Me Who I Am Vol. IV

I’m sure you know by now, but in case you missed it, you can read the first three installments of my book list here404 more words


Guest Blogger Carmen Stefanescu: The Qualities of a Good Book

Today, I’m delighted to welcome my good friend, Carmen Stefanescu back to my blog with a post about the qualities that go into a good book. 1,195 more words