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My Perfume Collection | Small yet Refined

I am no perfume aficionado; however, the perfume I have, I love and thoroughly enjoy. There is nothing wrong with large perfume collections. They are so pretty to look at and experiment with; but for me, as a nurse, I can’t wear heavy fragrances. 525 more words


Undina's Looking Glass Turns Five

How many times can the same perfume be featured on the same blog? Let’s see…

Five years ago I started this blog with the story of my first and life-long perfume love… 685 more words

Favorite Perfumes

Entertaining Statistics: 2015 Year Round-up

It has been a while since I did my last statistics post, so I want to report that we finally got some rain. It’s not as strong here, in the Bay Area, as it is in Southern California and it still hasn’t put an end to the 5-year drought but it definitely helped. 783 more words

Favorite Perfumes

Creature Comfort(er)s Perfumes

When I was a child, autumn would always make me sad: it meant not only the end of the long summer break and returning to school, but also the beginning of 6-8 weather-wise miserable months. 520 more words

Favorite Perfumes

Brand Appreciation: Atelier Cologne

It’s a common practice these days for brands to run customers appreciation events and campaigns, such as loyalty programs, unexpected upgrades, special treats and customer spotlights. 790 more words

Favorite Perfumes

Mr. & Mrs. Tom Ford Noir

Tom Ford Noir released three years ago got mixed reviews (which perfume didn’t?) but since back then I was trying to test all new releases, to which I could get access, and I was a big fan of Tom Ford’s perfumes, I got a sample as soon as I saw the perfume on the counter. 360 more words

Favorite Perfumes