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A Month of Roses

It all started with Lucas of The Chemist in the Bottle hearing on the radio some random person pronouncing the upcoming February to be a month of roses. 474 more words

Favorite Perfumes

Hitting On All Sixes

Today is my blog’s sixth anniversary. And since I like anniversaries, classifications and numbers, I prepared six by six groups of the blog-related observations and topics. 1,168 more words

Favorite Perfumes

My First Celebuscent

Celebuscents have that stigma in the Perfumeland: many perfumistas try to distance themselves from these concoctions; they become the butt of easy jokes; and just from time to time somebody almost apologetically concedes liking one of them… 850 more words

Favorite Perfumes

A Peek Inside My Perfume Collection

Hello, lovelies!  I have a video for you today all about my favorite perfumes.  I hope it offers you some inspiration.  I’ve found several perfumes by the recommendations of other bloggers and youtubers.  20 more words


What Are You Wearing?

What is your first association when you hear the phrase I used as the title? I don’t remember if I ever considered it sexy or flirty rather than cheesy, but even if I did, “What are you wearing, ‘Jake’ from the State Farm?” killed it for me forever… 737 more words

Favorite Perfumes

In the Search for the Perfect Vanilla, Part 2

Topic of vanilla perfumes periodically circulates in the Perfumeland, and two-three years ago I could probably be observed commenting on those with the statement of not being a vanilla fan. 992 more words

Favorite Perfumes

Nature vs. …

The first thought I had while testing Puredistance Sheiduna was: it’s beautiful, I really like it! And the next one: Whatever I smell, it just cannot be natural… 569 more words

Favorite Perfumes