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A sunny winterday in Salzburg, Austria

Now that is the kind of view of winter I like. You can see a hint of snow at the edges, yet there is a sparkling beauty that reminds one that life has not died out just because winter has come. 59 more words

Photo of the Day – Feb 22nd – Hillbilly Fishing

Once a year this photographer takes an annual portrait of the Klatt family. The family picks the theme and the photographer makes it happen with his lighting and Photoshop skills

~photo by Dan McClanahan

Favorite Photos

When winter and waterfalls come together in Salzburg, Austria

When I look at this photo I can almost feel the cold wind ripping its way through my flimsy sweater.While I am already tired of the heat  (summer weather comes way to early where I live), no way would I like it to be that cold outside my home either. 11 more words

Photo of the Day –Feb 20th – Model Photography

Beautiful light; beautiful gal who simply rocks this pose

~photo by Rex Jones

Favorite Photos

Photo of the Day –Feb 19th – Vestrahorn

I read that photography enthusiasts who drive the small road to get to these mountains pays the farmer who owns the land a small fee to use the road. 18 more words

Favorite Photos

Photo of the Day –Feb 18th – Mountain Layers

When I think of China, mist-covered green mountains rising in sharp peaks and jagged edges are the last thing I think of?

Pictured here are the famous karst mountains of Guilin. 14 more words

Favorite Photos

View from Norway

Can you imagine how nice it would be to spend the afternoon sailing along that lovely blue river with the cool breeze tickling your ears. Or how relaxing it would be to pause for an hour and enjoy a picnic lunch on that green shore. 11 more words