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Favorite Video Friday - The elves are hard at work

I can’t believe it’s already December 2nd. Where did the year go? How did we get to December is so quickly?

Well, at least I got the tree up! 87 more words

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Favorite Video Friday - Puppy's First Snow

Well, here we are Minnesota. Our first snow of the season.

We had a nice long fall didn’t we? The temperatures were crazy good – 60’s and 70’s in November is an unexpected blessing. 69 more words

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Favorite Video Friday - Let's take a break and go to the beach

I don’t know about you, but this has been a hard week. The anger, sadness, hatred and fear that surrounds us is almost palpable. It’s in the air, like a thick, heavy fog. 138 more words

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Favorite Video Friday - In Dogs We Trust

It’s been a contentious year in the world of politics. We all know that. We’ve felt it. We’ve expressed it. Or, in some cases, we’ve avoided it as much as possible. 95 more words

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Favorite Video Friday - Adulting is hard sometimes

Let’s admit it, adulting is hard sometimes. There’s so much more to deal with and worry about: home, health, work, kids, dogs, etc.

We’ve all had those moments in life when we wished we could whine and have someone commiserate with us. 96 more words

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Favorite Video Friday - A bed of leaves for the doggie

This weekend is going to be a leaf weekend. There will be lots of raking and bagging and mulching going on at Casa del Mel. 146 more words

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Favorite Video Friday - Wake up to the paw

Up until recently, my dogs never ever woke me up. They would sleep when I slept and rise when I awoke.

That all changed when Jasper discovered (through a doggy friend) that he had the power to wake me up by just jumping up on the bed and pawing me. 81 more words

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