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Favorite Video Friday - Let's Get Ready to Tumble!!!

It’s Friday and the weekend is about to begin. What could be better than two Maltese puppies playing? In slow motion? Hell yes!

Here’s a little puppy cuteness to make your day.

Happy Friday everyone!

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Favorite Video Friday - Puppy + First Snowfall = ADORABLE

It’s been a tough week for us and for many of our doggie friends this week.

Daisy had surgery to remove a cancerous tumor on Tuesday and ended up spending an extra night in ICU. 199 more words

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Favorite Video Friday - A Romantic Dinner for Two

If you already saw this posted on my Facebook page, I apologize, but I just could not resist sharing it once again. After all, it IS the day before the most romantic day of the year. 56 more words

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Favorite Video Friday - Static charged dogs

Today, when I hung my jacket up at work I got a shock. A quick static charge to my finger.

Yesterday, it was so dry that my hair was standing up all over the place. 77 more words

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Favorite Video Friday - Sheltie snow romp

I look out into my backyard and see only the remnants of snow. Little frozen patches of ice now sit where snow once rested. It’s odd to see little bits of grass poking up between the patches of ice in what is usually considered the coldest month of the year.  105 more words

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Favorite Video Friday - Pittie Pattern Baldness is sexy, just ask Neeners

My vet shared this wonderful video the other night and I just knew it had to be this week’s Favorite Friday video.

Neeners has to be one of the cutest pibbles I have ever seen. 114 more words

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Favorite Video Friday - Romping in the snow in Nova Scotia

After a long bout of frigid temps, and limited outdoor time for the dogs, we finally have a warm up in Minnesota. Yesterday it made it to 35 degrees, and the rest of the weekend looks to be equally as warm. 52 more words

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