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post du jour ~gilbert

Ruin is a gift. Ruin is the road to transformation.
~Elizabeth Gilbert

Dear Ones –

OK, so I don’t usually quote myself on this page, but a reader asked me today if I would take a moment to further explain this idea that ruin can sometimes be a gift in our lives. 993 more words

Favorite Words By Others

being easily pleased ~mark nepo

So many of us have been trained to think that being particular about what we want is indicative of good taste, and that not being satisfied unless our preferences are met is a sign of worldliness and sophistication. 411 more words


poem du jour ~hafiz - in many parts of this world...

In many parts of this world water is
Scarce and precious.
People sometimes have to walk
A great distance
Then carry heavy jugs upon their… 67 more words


it is enough ~mark nepo

If you can’t see what you’re looking for,
see what’s there.

One of the most difficult things for us to accept is that beneath all our dreams and disappointments, we live and breathe in abundance. 357 more words


all fall down ~mark nepo

Lead us from the real to the unreal.

~Hindu invocation

It was a snowy night, and Robert was recalling the time two springs ago when he was determined to paint the family room. 354 more words


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pathwriter's note: Every morning, I read Mark Nepo's Book of Awakening, and today's reading (which I first posted last January 2nd) fits so well the place I've come to in the last few days. I've "put down" a pretty big thing that I've been carrying, and I'm finally ready to walk through a door that I've been standing in front of for a long time. I don't know how it's all going to unfold, but just having made the decision has lifted a huge weight from my shoulders. I wish for you a happy, expansive 2013...here's to putting down the things we need to let go of so that we can finally move forward.

of course you can come ~mark nepo

The life of care and kindness often has the life of a seed. It might be planted by someone we never know or someone we learn of long after the kindness has been received. 344 more words


the power of seven...

her face when I asked her what her power feels like


“Mom, I don’t know how this happened but it did….” she said as she strapped her bag on like Angelina-Jolie in a super-power-kick-ass action flick. 549 more words

Kindness Writes...

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