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When a book character talks about another book Character.

 That beautiful book cover though…

Happy 20th anniversary of the beginning of Harry Potter.

Cheers Everyone! Though it is a late post. To all the book lovers out there, here is an example of how normal conversation should sound like. 255 more words


MC Season 1 Review | Magnificent Century

Newsflash: Tova is obsessed with a Turkish Period Drama called Magnificent Century.

Yes, and Tova is expanding to movie and TV show reviews; TV shows will be by season only. 1,616 more words


Summer Vibes 2017- Our Fave Songs

Summer is here and we are really feeling it here in Dubai, you actually never get used to the heat.  As much as we like to complain though, we have to admit that we low-key all love summer! 118 more words


The Best Sets

Hi lovelies!

If you know me at all, you know that I am obsessed with matching sets for summer. And now that it is officially summer, the co-ord obsession is coming back stronger than ever. 337 more words


Second Month of Blog Recap

Yayy I have officially been blogging for 2 months now and I am having such a blast.

This past month, you wonderful readers have most enjoyed: 346 more words


June 2017 books.

It’s hard for me to read all the way through a long book review. But thankfully, mini-reviews (and miniature things in general) exist.

These are shorter thoughts on books I’ve read this month and one from May. 728 more words