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Often times we see the brutal side of nature whether we want to witness it or not it is there, a constant reminder of the battle every species goes through. 387 more words


India's Biggest Problem: Favoritism. And Its Worst Effects

If you looked properly at the way our country is being run, you would easily identify that the problem is with the decisions our administrators are making, at both central and state levels; and you would also see that delicately and inseparably woven into the country’s fabric is business, and the decisions made in that arena. 1,880 more words


James 2:1-13 Show No Partiality

Read James 2:1-4

Have you guys ever experienced favoritism either towards yourself or others? I remember when I was younger I had a classmate who had quickly become the teacher’s favorite student. 1,198 more words


First Church of the Smiley Faces

Come in my friend!
Bring your wife and kids too.
I like what you're wearing.
Here. Sit in this pew.

In this wonderful church
Where everyone's rich
And everyone's blessed
With a partner and kids. 54 more words

The Broken-Love Effect

Family systems says being the favored child is the worst position to have in a family. I only understood it theoretically, and through client stories, until lately, as I have watched the effect of it on my youngest grandson. 1,022 more words

Under the bushel

As a parent, you are not supposed to favor a child over another.

This powerful taboo has been part of the corpus of tales we tell one another to build our societies. 1,096 more words

Caribbean Folklore


 Have you ever been put into a situation and didn’t know what to do? Better yet, have you ever felt uncomfortable around your loved ones? I recently read a chapter in my school text book, about favoritism, and it reminded me of some situations I’ve once been in. 284 more words