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What Should Be Measured in an Economy?

If two economies are to be compared, there has to be some measuring. But what is to be measured? As technology progresses, more and more data is collected about the economic affairs of individuals, companies, corporations and government organizations. 1,509 more words


My Kid Isn't the Favorite

My kid isn’t the favorite. Have you struggled with this in your family? Does your family have a favorite? Well, mine does and I know how bad it hurts. 711 more words

“My brothers and sisters, believers in our glorious Lord Jesus Christ must not show favoritism.”  (James 2:1, NIV)

There is nothing more natural than choosing favorites. 108 more words

O M G… I really hope I haven’t become ‘that Mom’. You know who I’m talking about.. the one who ALWAYS complains because her kid doesn’t play all the time or sometimes, or never at all. 413 more words


I’m seriously tired of people. (Coaches) playing favorites and then blaming my kid’s athletic ability on their lack of playtime! Not hardly coach. My kids’ abilities are equal to those others on the team…. 497 more words


When the Scripture Reads You: Conviction from James 2

Skeptics read Scripture, looking for those things they can’t accept. Followers of Jesus, in contrast, allow the Scripture to read them, looking for those things God can’t accept.

713 more words

No One Was Rooting For You

April winds cool my face as I wait for the announcement. Together with all graduating class which approximately 1000 sweating, grumpy students are here at quadrangle. 348 more words