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James 2:1-13 - September 24-25

The Bible is basically a compilation of love letters from our Father in heaven, His loving words breathed onto each page. Over the next several months, as we study the letters of the Bible, Galatians through Jude, I pray that You will experience His eternal love in new ways and that it will transform you. 637 more words

A Study in Joshua - Part 30 - Don't Play Favorites With God

All of us have those things that we enjoy more than other things, which causes us to exclude those things we don’t like. For example, I like pizza and I don’t like Brussels Sprouts so you can pretty well guess which of those things I eat more often. 1,678 more words

Basic Christian Theology

History's Lessons

“Can anyone name something big that happened in the 1920s?” My history teacher asked one day in class.

I wasn’t very well versed in the 1920s yet, I had only heard bits and pieces – so I answered in the form of a question: “The suffragette movement won the right for women to vote?” 719 more words


The Time I Found Out We Had a College Counselor

I didn’t think I should have to pay for college.

I also didn’t think my parents should have to pay for my college.

So I decided I was going to go on scholarships. 732 more words


How To Write When Shit Happens

Oh, the shit that happened. Gosh. I don’t know even how to describe what is going on with me right now. It just isn’t very pretty. 764 more words

Prince, pauper and peer

Officer Donnie strapped himself in the company’s Toyota Prius patrol car, said his usual prayer and gulped down a Red Bull. Then he turned up Meat Loaf’s “Bat Outta Hell” CD, gripped the wheel and said, “Baby, let’s go fight some crime!” 809 more words


I usually say what I mean. I usually assume everyone else does, too. For one, it’s just easier: “I would like the red one, please.” is a pretty simple statement. 510 more words