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Favourite Shots # 58 - Naxos

There’s a Fleet Foxes song titled “Mykonos” which became a theme song for this trip to Greece in 2013. With its curiously nostalgic and mournful tone, it also expresses a certain hope and liberation accompanied by a sense of loss and acceptance of such. 476 more words


PHOTOGRAPHY: Top Summer Shots

I spent my summer documenting my travels with my new grown-up camera, taking a step up from my iPhone Instagram pics, so I thought I’d group them altogether here to showcase my summer of shooting. 570 more words


Favourite Shots # 57 - Siem Reap

Food markets the world over are often very similar places. Outside of the more polished, and middle class inner-city farmers’ markets that have become so popular in western cities, the older-style markets can have a very familiar character. 386 more words


Favourite Shots #56 - Evora

Before going travelling, I always used to say to myself – “Beware Day One.” On the first day of a trip, I was prone to screwing up at least once. 360 more words


Favourite Shots # 55 - Seven Portraits

Most of the portraits I take are of people with their eyes elsewhere. Reluctant to intrude or make them feel self-conscious, I try to catch them when they are looking away. 186 more words


Favourite Shots # 54 - Fort Kochi, India

This shot is taken in Fort Kochi, actually a distinct region of the city of Kochi, characterised by its Portuguese colonial past. The city and locale combine many traditions, brought through both conquest and trade. 138 more words

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