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Surfer Rosa by Pixies

I first heard about the Pixies when I was reading about Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain; the grunge legend said that he was ripping off Pixies’ quiet and loud style in Nirvana’s biggest hit,  426 more words


Top 100 Songs 2016

Spotify gave me a playlist of all of my top songs of 2016.

I think you can tell a lot about a person from their music taste, so I thought I’d share mine with you! 662 more words


Modern Hymns- Your Majesty.

For part of my sojourn at the University of Benin, I attended GPA- Gospel Power Assembly. We had a fellowship anthem but we also had unofficial anthems- songs we sang at almost every meeting and the chief of them was Your Majesty by TD Jakes. 132 more words


Songstruck: 'A Perfect Rhythm' by The Vryll Society

Much can be said about 2016; many icons left us, the world is an absolute mess and I was terrible at posting, well, anything.

But some good things also happened. 95 more words


Modern Hymns- Un Lugar Celestial

It’s hard to believe I didn’t know Jack Velázquez until last week, I’d heard a few of her songs before but it didn’t click until last Monday when I heard her album in the bus I boarded from Ikeja to Costain. 373 more words

Favourite Songs

♫♪ For the first time... ♫♪

So yesterday, the 17th of Dec., 2016 – My husband and I completed 5 years of marriage. In about a week from now, on the 23rd of December, we will have completed 11 years from that  661 more words


some of my favourite songs

i think it’s safe to say that music is one of the biggest parts of my life. my music taste is …eclectic and strange and wonderful and i have no reason for it other than THESE SONGS ARE AMAZING so here is a small sample: 192 more words