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Modern Hymns- He That Dwelleth

Today I’m continuing with the Dr Panam Percy Paul train. One of my favourite songs of his is He That Dwelleth. The song is a wonderful paraphrase of Psalm 91, I love to listen it and I’m sure you will too. 235 more words


Your favorite songs of 2016

Let us know what songs you would like to recommend. Are there any new artists you would like to introduce?

This song was released at the end of last year: 12 more words


Modern Hymns- All Over To You

Dr Panam Percy Paul is not a new name in the gospel music scene in Nigeria and even in the world, he’s very popular even outside gospel circles for the melodious tunes he churned out through the years and for his skills as a musician and bandleader. 337 more words


Favourite songs collection of S.H.E - Free Mp3 Download

If you’re a M-pop listener, I’m pretty sure that you must’ve heard of S.H.E, one of the famous Taiwanese girl groups. Having been recorded 12 albums since 2001, the group is really popular in Mandarin speaking countries. 475 more words


Favourite songs collection of Backstreet Boys - Free Mp3 Download

Backstreet Boys is one of my all-time favourite boy bands. I’ve been listening to their music since I was 5. I never get bored of their songs and they have always been included in my “Favourite” playlist up till now. 204 more words


Modern Hymns- We wait on you

Gospel music, especially the Nigerian variety isn’t really my cup of tea. Why? I like music that had seen plenty effort and thought during its production, you hear a song and think the writer, singer, producer, drummer etc was not in an earthly dimension when they did this song. 451 more words


Lyrically- Pray For Me.

I first heard this song at the recording of grand finale of MTN Project fame West Africa last year. It was the song that all the finalist performed as a group and I thought it was a phenomenal song. 519 more words