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Culinary Indulgence: Chicken and Bread Bake

A few days ago I shared pictures of a ‘Chicken and Bread Bake’ that my mother made, and was asked to share the recipe. The recipe credit actually goes to a friend of my mother’s from whom my mother learned the recipe herself a few years ago. 255 more words

Favourite Things

Léon Morin, prêtre (1961): An Intellectual Love Story

When Léon Morin, prêtre was released in 1961, Jean-Pierre Melville’s career was at a crossroads. Whilst the film is not generally regarded as a watershed moment, it was certainly a turning point. 1,040 more words

Favourite Things

COUNTDOWN: 60 Days to 60

Today is Wednesday June 21, 2017 and it is the 50 day until my 60th Birthday.

Fav things continued:

36.   Trying all sorts of new things… 61 more words



  1. I found an old list of places I want to visit and I’ve only been to two of them! Time to get saving and book more travels.
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Hobby Talk

Growing up, whenever I was asked about my ‘hobbies’, I never had to think before I said ‘reading’. The love for reading was something my parents instilled in me very early on, and it has been a love that has continued without ever fading. 225 more words

Favourite Things

COUNTDOWN: 60 Days to 60

Today is Tuesday June 20, 2017 and it is the 51 day until my 60th Birthday.

Favourite things continued:

48.   Zest of a lime – the smell… 67 more words


Copper Kettles for the Soul

Today I read Victoria Coren Mitchell’s article for The Guardian, “Stop the world, I need a break”.

It awoke in me a desire to create a similar list; a compilation of mismatched loves I use to create momentary distraction from the insanity of the world. 335 more words