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Freedom: Of Speech, Religion, & Discrimination - Or - In The Language Of Flowers, What Does A Pineapple Signify?

Can a florist refuse to sell flowers for a couple’s wedding because the wedding is against the florist’s religious beliefs?

The answer to that question took me on an interesting journey through the Australian Constitution, the High Court, … 2,905 more words


School News - Christmas 1916


Monday, July 10th – We heard that Margaret Stevens-Guille had passed Responsions, and that Jessie Flemming had gained a 1st in History at Oxford. 1,154 more words

Christmas Term 1916

Games - Christmas 1916


July 1st Fawcett beat Sarum on 1st innings by 13 runs.
Sarum: J. Carter 29 runs, V. Leys 15, D. Fanner 10.
Fawcett: M. Holmes 27, J. 707 more words

Christmas Term 1916

Latest Style Obsession: Farrah Fawcett

The flawless hair, the beautiful smile, the supermodel figure- the 70’s would not have been the same without Fawcett. She was an angel on the screen and cool on the street. 80 more words


Dr.T & the Women(Robert Altman) 2000 **** 5/5/2016

Robert Gere plays the titular character, an affable gynecologist in Texas who is understandably swamped by swooning women at his practice.  His wife(Farrah Fawcett) takes her clothes off in the fountain at the mall and is committed to a mental facility.  73 more words