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The Thomas Crown Affair


Review: A bank executive believes he has successfully pulled off a multi-million dollar heist. He matches wits with a sexy insurance investigator. 137 more words


Original or Remake?

Can a remake of a masterful classic film ever be as good or even better?

That is the big question in Hollywood: which film can we remake to capture the audience of today? 337 more words

Music & Film

‘Network’ — Madder Than Hell (And Loving Every Minute of It)

For satire to be truly effective it must consist of the following elements: irony, wit, sarcasm, parody, exaggeration, and a surefire sense of the absurd. In addition, it should be devilishly clever as well as hysterically funny, with the laughter sticking in one’s throat. 669 more words


‘Chinatown’ — What Happens to Nosey Fellows

In the same year that Paramount was touting The Godfather, Part II as a Best Picture Oscar contender, the studio was cognizant enough of its potential to release Polish-born director Roman Polanski’s brilliant crime drama, … 867 more words


Network (1976)

A dazzling, unusually prescient motion picture, Sidney Lumet’s Network is one of those movies everyone has to see at least once. The 1976 satire won four Oscars and is both over the top and remarkably restrained. 743 more words


Past Imperfect - #15

Faye Dunaway had clearly read the instructional manual which explained that you could not take a proper photograph unless you exposed one leg in an awkward manner whilst wearing excessive eyeliner…


Two Frames

“The Thomas Crown Affair” – 1968 – Steve McQueen, Faye Dunaway

United Artists –  Cinematographer, Haskel Wexler – Costume design, Thea Van Runkle – Hair & Make Up, Lynn Del Kail & Del Armstrong – Art Direction, Robert Boyle – Set Direction, Edward Boyle