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Free Musical U Masterclass [Register Now!] | Musical U

Have you ever wished you could improvise music? Or are you stuck in a rut? Then you can’t miss this free masterclass with Steve Lawson. You’ll learn the secrets of the “Improvisor’s Mindset” and begin improvising with confidence. 53 more words

Exploring Classical Music: The Modern Era, Part 3: Post-1945 | Musical U

Classical music post-1945 saw composers reimagining the very idea of music, often using instruments in new, unconventional ways, and blurring the line between music and sound. 46 more words

Feel the Beat: What's the Real Difference Between Human Drummers and Machines? | Musical U

What do you think about the effect that technological advances are having on music production? Do you think that machines will ever have the ability to replace live musicians completely? 45 more words

July 26, 2017 at 12:26AM


My Klippan Sofa

Taqwa pays off and I mean like generally and literally.

I believe we all have been taught that the most beloved in the eyes of Allah is the one who fears him the most, who has the most Taqwa but frankly speaking I never really understood it until now or you can say until last year. 1,832 more words

Before and After: Covering Tame Impala | Musical U

How can one create a cover song using looping tools? Be sure to dive into this version of @tameimpala’s “Let It Happen” by Pieter Schrevens. … 37 more words