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Facebook, NFL Launch 2-Year Game Highlights Deal

Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ: FB) has just signed a two-year deal with the National Football League (NFL) giving the social media giant the right to stream game highlights shortly after a game ends. 269 more words


What's New in Musical U: September 2017 | Musical U

This month, our biggest news is something that you can get involved with absolutely free. That is the Musicality Podcast, a new audio show where we’re interviewing some of the leading music educators in the world and sharing with you their insights and techniques to help you improve faster in music. 34 more words

Facebook's Instagram Burying Snapchat

Imitation may not be the sincerest form of flattery, but that’s never been the point of mimicry anyway. A case study may be Snap Inc. (NYSE: SNAP), maker of the mobile app Snapchat, that went public in early March at a price of $17 a share. 494 more words


The Ultimate Guide to the Circle of Fifths | Musical U

The Circle of Fifths is a mystery to many. But what if you found everything you ever needed to know and learn about musical pitch (every note, scale, chord, progressions, etc.) in a simple diagram that could fit in the palm of your hand? 37 more words

Working on multiple projects at once

Hey blog readers! I’ve come back from my honeymoon feeling really creatively energized. I’ve got a bunch of stuff, in a bunch of genres, cooking at once. 336 more words


The Musicality Podcast Launch: Prize Giveaway! | Musical U

To celebrate the launch of our new podcast, we’re running a big giveaway contest with an amazing array of prizes to be won! http://ift.tt/2xf3iIV
The Musicality Podcast Launch: Prize Giveaway! 27 more words

The strong can afford to play it safe; the weak need to gamble

Suddenly, for some weird unaccountable reason that has nothing to do with recent political developments, because obviously fascism is totally in the past and has nothing to do with our current post-racial post-nationalist utopia, I’ve become interested in the history of totalitarian regimes. 1,582 more words