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Mark Zuckerberg to Give His Fortune Away Without Punishing Shareholders

Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ: FB) has an announcement. First it was Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, and now you can add Mark Zuckerberg to the list for long-term charitable giving. 458 more words


Want to learn how to run a F&B Business?

Well, most will be quick to say that it is learn on-the-job.

There are actually programmes available.

  • Project Dignity and SIM University (UniSIM) to develop a programme that teach and impart the necessary skills needed to run a food court – Food Court and Food Stall Management.
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Reversing Course

Last week, I joined most of the rest of humanity when I signed up for a FB account.

Actually, our daughter, Elissa set the page up for me.    370 more words

Ray Visotski

Facebook Etiquette, When To Unfriend, Unfollow

Reasons to Unfriend

  • Offensive behavior – Lewd comments and no boundaries, insulting remarks to you personally or others, prejudice, bigotry, posting inflammatory/dishonest information.

    To the left is an example of an inflammatory Facebook post whereby the poster is making many generalizations, most inaccurate and devisive…

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CHAPTER ELEVEN: It's not you. It's me. And a baby I'm not telling you about.

8th November, 2015

So, there was always going to be a down-side to not screaming the news of this pregnancy from the rooftops the very second I found out. 391 more words

Mindless Nonsense

Do not understand the curious competence / incompetence of the post office

I’ve been mailing out a lot of books, both ARCs of mine and those of friends of mine, which means I’ve had to learn the cheapest and easiest ways of shipping things. 364 more words