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Marketing Keywords to Know: October 1, 2015

TV x Twitter

Definition: Aligning TV viewing with branded content on Twitter to promote products and increase engagement

Any die-hard fan of a televised show or event (such as the Superbowl) knows how impactful… 153 more words

Marketing Keywords To Know

Marketing Keywords to Know: September 24, 2015

Alternative Media

Definition: Non-traditional marketing that allows the consumer to experience a product first-hand to demonstrate its perks

As brands continue to try to find new ways to attract the attention of the consumer, alternative media has proven to be a great medium to show their products in a revolutionary, new way. 140 more words

Marketing Keywords To Know

Marketing Keywords to Know: September 10, 2015

Engagement Responsibility

Definition: The power a brand has to increase the relationship with the consumer through messaging on social media

An ongoing dialogue between brands and their customers is crucial to building trust and encourage customer loyalty. 124 more words

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FBC and SBC exchanged contacts in style

El Correo del Golfo, April 8th 2015.-

(Text and photos: Suhail Ali) The Spanish and French Business Council joined forces on Tuesday night at an event for exchange of business and professional contacts which was attended by over 300 people from all over the world. 296 more words

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Marketing Keywords to Know: July 23, 2015

Roach Baiting

Definition: Using false testimony to promote a product to give potential consumers a sense of security in order to drive a purchase… 164 more words

Marketing Keywords To Know

Backpacking Trail Food - Freezer Bag Cooking #FBC

We will be able to restock with supplies frequently while backpacking the Cotswold Way, so we won’t carry more than a couple of days food at a time. 534 more words

Cotswold Way National Trail

Aftermath: 8th Annual OG Popper's Picnic

Raw and unedited photos by: Love & Hate LA

“If you ever attended a POPPERS PICNIC, then you AllREADY know what to expect,. …..if you havent, ask around. 192 more words