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FBC - Full Blood Count (සම්පූර්ණ රුධිර පරීක්ෂාව)

FBC – Full Blood Count (සම්පූර්ණ රුධිර පරීක්ෂාව)

‍මෙ‍ම ‍ප‍රීක්‍‍ෂ‍ණ‍ය ‍සම්‍‍පූර්‍ණ ‍රු‍ධි‍ර ‍ප‍රීක්‍‍ෂ‍ණ‍යක්‍ ‍ලෙ‍ස ‍හැ‍දින්‍‍වේ. ‍මෙ‍ය ‍වෛ‍ද‍ය ‍ව‍රුන්‍ ‍වි‍සින්‍ ‍බ‍හු‍ල‍ව ‍නි‍ය‍ම ‍ක‍ර‍නු ‍ල‍බ‍න ‍ප‍රීක්‍‍ෂ‍ණ‍ය‍කි. ‍මෙ‍හි‍දී ‍ප‍රීක්‍‍ෂා ‍කරනු ‍ල‍බන්‍‍නේ ‍රු‍ධි‍ර‍යේ ‍රු‍ධි‍රා‍ණු ප්‍ර‍මා‍න‍ය‍යි. 78 more words

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New Hurricane Tough Exterior Access Doors

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FBC Brookhaven to holding fundraiser for India missions

‘Tis the season for garage sales. This one is sanctioned by Jesus.

The First Baptist Church of Brookhaven will hold its annual garage sale fundraiser to benefit… 61 more words

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A Plea for Loving Unity and Theological Respect Within the SBC

I’m personally and professionally exasperated for being made to feel that I have to look a certain way, dress a certain way, believe certain theological positions, in order to be considered a Southern Baptist. 464 more words


Bracing for Fana TV knowing what's in store

License to thrill

Amid the declaration of state of emergency and the subsequent cabinet reshuffle a TV broadcasting license has quietly been issued to three broadcasters. 1,121 more words

Book 3: 'An Untamed State' by Roxane Gay

For the next two weeks, Football Book Club will be reading An Untamed State by Roxane Gay and posting about Zero K by Don DeLillo. 86 more words