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FBI Head Calls Lack of Data on Police Shootings 'Embarrassing'

The director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation said Wednesday that the lack of government data on police shootings is “embarrassing” and “ridiculous.”

“It is unacceptable that The Washington… 157 more words

FBI, other authorities serve search warrant on methadone clinic near Uniontown

Agents from the FBI, assisted by other federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, served a search warrant Thursday at a methadone clinic along Route … 11 more words

Phone Scam Targeting College Students

College students need to be aware that there’s a phone scam targeting them. The caller pretends to be a government representative requesting that all delinquent student loans, along with other types of student debt, be paid immediately using MoneyGram. 16 more words


FBI helped thwart nuclear smuggling plot in Moldova

The FBI helped Moldovan authorities three times in the last five years to thwart potential smuggling of nuclear and radioactive material, a Moldovan interior minister said Wednesday. 634 more words


A Real American Horror Story

The TV version is just a campy prelude. One variation of slavery in America that still exists today. The criminals disproportionately tend to be middle aged to older white males, in a reverse of the demographic of criminals in street sex trafficking who tend to be black or Hispanic. 440 more words


Jury finds journalist guilty of aiding Anonymous in media hacking case

A journalist was found guilty by a California jury yesterday for conspiring with members of the hacker group Anonymous to alter the website of his former employer. 456 more words


How do parliamentarians really vote when #theyvote4you?

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“If someone like Malcolm Turnbull comes out publicly saying he is for gay marriage, you can point to a link on a website and say ‘well why did you vote against it?’ That’s a really powerful thing” – Henare Degan…

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