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Executive Chauffeur Service Hertfordshire

Chauffeur services in Hertfordshire are now an affordable luxury.

With our executive chauffeur service starting at £65.00 from various locations in and around Hertfordshire | Essex | Cambridge… 180 more words


A chauffeur service in Hertfordshire

If you’ve never used a chauffeur company before it can be pretty daunting in finding a professional company that’s actually a chauffeur company rather than a so called taxi company with nice cars. 266 more words


Pyramid scheme?....

So you may have heard of a pyramid scheme and you may have even branded a business as a pyramid scheme. Well as a forever living business owner it is a phrase that will get hurled your way quite frequently. 158 more words

It was a failed breakout of bull flag or bear channel from yesterday. it also went past YH and failed. The trend line was drawn based on the swing or pivot highs during live session After backfill it is showing a different picture, but that is part of the business. 43 more words


Price failed to break above YH and then kept going down to YL. It then found support at YL and it turned up.

Trade 1- SHORT

Trade 2- LONG


Price opened within yesterday’s range away from yesterday’s close. Despite big gap up it failed and then price retraced to EMA in the first hour. 85 more words


It is a trading range today and first bar dropped a clue about the possibility and then price not being able to get past it two times is a confirmation that it was going to be a trading range day for first 2 hours. 14 more words