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Prediabetes is an opportunity. Don't miss it.

What is pre-diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes has a very long period with no signs or symptoms which starts years before the diagnosis of diabetes is made. 276 more words


The Impact of Small School Football Programs

The University of Alabama at Birmingham made national headlines a few months ago when the school announced last December it was shutting down its football program. 2,542 more words



When I was in Cappadocia a long time ago, all of our friends from Cappadocia and some from Ankara came together, and we sort of had a little school/camp thing. 39 more words

Who Told You That Your Band Was "Up and Coming"? #WhoAskedUs

*NOTE: Because the nature of this post is disdainful, I will be using varying clips of Frank Underwood giving disdainful looks as only he can, so that you really feel it. 701 more words


Five Types of Human Behaviors That Work My Nerves

Sometimes I sit down and start to write, and I start to think “Whoah lady, you sound like a real hater”. Often times when that happens, I will delete what I was writing, or chalk it up to catharsis and sock it away somewhere. 923 more words


How to become incapable of bullish*t! #WhoAskedUs

Didn’t think there could be a list? Well there is! Thanks to those of us at WAU, we have compiled a short catalog of things to do in order to spot and avoid bullshit. 673 more words