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Baju Lebaran

Sabot leumpang mapay gang, rék ngajugjug ka tukang baso. Kaciri aya nu keur ngarit, reg eureun. Asa wawuh baju batik nu dipakena. “Punten ngiring ngalangkung” 133 more words

Mini Fiction

FAB Defense FBS / RBS Backup Sights

Backup sights are a controversial issue these days. There are an increasing number of shooters who feel that the current crop of military-grade reflex and prism sights (Aimpoints, Trijicon ACOGs, etc.) are tough enough and reliable enough that backup sights are no longer useful – that is to say, any event that’s traumatic enough to destroy an ACOG is probably not going to leave behind an intact rifle. 458 more words


Dude Asks U of A to Cancel Game against NDSU in 2022

Yeah, this is an old story but I don’t care. And I’m actually surprised that this open letter didn’t blow up on social media like your typical “An Open Letter to My Sister” or “An Open Letter to My High School Basketball Coach.” 437 more words


Pre-Season FBS Roby Ratings: Opening Day Schedules

                 Team                                         Roby Rating            First Opponent

    1. Ohio St Buckeyes                      26.35                       @Indiana 8/31
    2. Clemson Tigers                         26.00                       vs. Kent St. 9/2
    3. Alabama Crimson Tide            25.58                       vs. Florida St. 9/2…
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"Roby Ratings"

FBSeries 2.2: The Trinity

Traditional Arguments for the Existence of God

We can accept the existence of the Trinity only by faith. Nevertheless, reason does provide evidence that confirms our belief in God. 454 more words


FBSeries 2.1: The Trinity

While other religions include a “trinity” in their pantheon of gods, Christianity is the only religion that distinguishes itself with a general belief about a real, living God who exists as Three distinct Persons who are equal and eternal: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 755 more words


Blood Exam

Cholesterol     == Normal

SGPT                == Normal

Triglycerides   == Normal

FBS                   == Sweet as Corn!!!