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In which I have a hissy fit...

I read an article the other day (or maybe it was a blog post…I’m not sure where the line is anymore) about the stupidity of talking about… 946 more words

Fan support trumps player performance at Denmark's New Firm

Nearly two weeks after moving to Copenhagen, I finally had the chance to watch some live football. And it wasn’t just any game, but Denmark’s New Firm, also known as ‘Slaget om København’ (Battle of Copenhagen) or Nyklassikeren (New Classic) between Brøndby IF and FC København. 1,085 more words


Dear Boss... It's the rebel employee

♦My ideal letter to my boss. If only♦

Dear sir. I do hope you had a good weekend, because you will need a clear mind to understand what I am about to say. 124 more words



Following recent singles ‘Electronica‘ and ‘Azure‘, ‘F**k’ is the latest track to be taken from The Code’s upcoming project.  The UK production duo aren’t giving much away in terms of details; the project is as-yet untitled and without a release date, but the tracks speak for themselves.   24 more words

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Who the f*ck do you think you ARE??!!! Part 2

This is a continuation of my previous rant post. About the same Mr. Im still ranting. Deal with it!

  • If you are a man and you are reading this post, I would appreciate some comments.
  • 220 more words

Blogging Pet-Peeve

Oh dear, where do I begin? I already wrote a blog post on ways to be a better blogger. Now I think I will write about a personal blogging pet-peeve.. 240 more words


The ultimate «i'm-so-fucking-sorry» update!

Okay, the title says it all.
This is not a translation / poetry / endangered species preservation campaign /dildo review post.
I just want to say that I’m sorry because I’m going to disappear… Once again. 239 more words

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