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Fck Off!

People try to belittle me. They leave me nasty msgs. They give me looks in public. All the while they have no understanding and refuse to accept PTSD. 13 more words

Det svære valg

Det er torsdag aften. Jeg står udenfor Telia Parken og venter. Vejret er gråt og trist, men indeni er jeg et festfyrværkeri af blandede følelser. Jeg er spændt og glæder mig som et lille barn, men er også voldsomt nervøs. 465 more words


Swearing is Stupid

Homeschoolers don’t really swear a lot. Actually, that’s a lie, I have met some homeschoolers who swear a lot, but none of them swear like public schoolers because public schoolers swear just about every five seconds (at least, most of the public schoolers I’ve been around swear like sailors). 441 more words

Reason #59

Commuter sends somebody to helland finds out it’s the interviewer for his new job.

Results : bumps received, lot of awkwardness, no job.

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Matchday 15: FC Sankt Pauli - FC Kaiserslautern 1-3...

Hard times…

The fact that it wasn’t unexpected doesn’t make it much easier… The boys in brown, despite the efforts made during the 2nd half, subjugated more or less easily to… 1,240 more words

St. Pauli