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The Many Uses of Fractionated Coconut Oil

 What is Fractionated Coconut Oil (FCO)?  FCO is an all natural carrier oil that absorbs into the skin.  It acts as a barrier to protect the skin without clogging pores and is FANTASTIC for dry or patchy skin. 241 more words

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Where It All Began <3

Since I sent out my infamous “Rome Tips” document for the ~25th time last week, i figured I should post it here so that others can hopefully use it as well. 1,963 more words


Nepal Earthquake

I am deeply saddened at the extensive humanitarian disaster unfolding primarily in Nepal, but also in Tibet and parts of India and Bangladesh.  My heart goes out to all those affected, in Nepal and surrounding areas, but also in the UK – a large community of Nepalese have lived here for generations, and many UK residents have relatives either visiting or working in Nepal. 333 more words


Tormented by Britain: Life at the Receiving End of UK Foreign Policy

Tormented by Britain: Life at the Receiving End of UK Foreign Policy
by Ian Sinclair
New Left Project
24 April 2015

In February 2011 large scale protests inspired by the Arab Spring erupted against the Bahraini government, an ally of the United States and United Kingdom. 2,329 more words

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An Insight Into Somaliland

Somalia is located in horn of Africa overlooking The Red Sea and neighbouring one of the worlds profound coffee bean distributors, Ethiopia. Stereotypically, Somalia is portrayed to be gun wielding, war torn, piracy is rife loonies . 408 more words


{DIY} Furniture Polish

It makes your wooden furniture look shiny and new, and while it can brighten the entire room, are the risks of furniture polish really worth it?

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a strategy for human rights abusing countries

“You’re very naughty, and we’re worried”, says the Foreign Office.

“Here’s some high tech military stuff for you to use”, says the Department of Innovation, Business and Skills (BIS) 344 more words

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