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{DIY} Furniture Polish

It makes your wooden furniture look shiny and new, and while it can brighten the entire room, are the risks of furniture polish really worth it?

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a strategy for human rights abusing countries

“You’re very naughty, and we’re worried”, says the Foreign Office.

“Here’s some high tech military stuff for you to use”, says the Department of Innovation, Business and Skills (BIS) 344 more words

Arms Trade

Roma, Italy

The magic of a nice city (subjective matter of the interest in visiting) played on the work motivation is … magical!

A german philosopher, poet, and statemen, Goethe is known to express his love of italy. 205 more words


Delta Vegetarian Discomfort Plus and the JFK Fancy People Lounge

Sometimes, your professional life heeds the call of Jupiter and Bacchus, and takes you to Rome.

Sometimes, the gods just smile down on you.

This was not one of those times. 877 more words

Airline Review Fun

Testimonial: Seasonal Stuffiness & Sniffles

Lemon, Peppermint and Lemon: I don’t suffer from severe seasonal allergies, but I do experience some. I put 10 drops of each in a 10ml roller bottle, fill with fractionated coconut oil and apply to the bottom of my feet each morning. 12 more words


Painful, itchy stretch marks? đŸ˜«

Stretch marks are typically associated with pregnancy , but they can appear on both men and women in any period of rapid weight gain. Most stretch marks fade over time, but I have found that they can be very uncomfortable… Even after the skin is no longer stretched. 115 more words

Secrecy, yellow uniforms, and the patronizing FCO

To quote from Bahrain Watch’s own page.

On Tuesday 10th March 2015, the Information Rights Tribunal in London is considering whether to order the Foreign Office to reveal secret communications between Foreign Office officials which are nearly 40 years old.

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