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Britain's role in the Yemen war

Britain’s involvement in Yemen war described in detail

In this blog – our longest yet – we reproduce an article published in Dissident Voice which discussed in detail the role the British government is playing in supporting the Saudi government, by supplying arms and providing personnel, in its war in the Yemen.    1,844 more words


FCO, Where can we go on Holiday now?

The English traveler often falls back on the English Foreign Travel Advice (FCO) for… well holiday advice. But the FCO world is a scary place, everywhere is either horrible, diseased, full of terrorists, robbers, protesters, guns, drugs… you get the idea. 617 more words


The Elephant in the Room: Raising Human Rights in Bilateral Talks

Since October 2015, the UK has hosted a state visit for the President of China and the first official UK visits of the President of Egypt and the Prime Minister of India. 626 more words


Will the Foreign Office’s New Approach Strengthen the UK Government’s Human Rights Work?

Following the Conservative party’s election win in 2015, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) took the opportunity to ‘re-configure’ their work in order to ensure the UK’s promotion of Universal Human Rights had the most impact. 465 more words


Saudi Arabia and Yemen

Further extraordinary developments

Last year we wrote to our local MP Mr John Glen to ask his government to be more assertive with the Saudi government in view of their appalling human rights record.  557 more words


Ex Ambassador to Saudi Arabia speaks

On the occasion of Saudi National Day, I am reminded of the great history of Saudi Arabia. Today, the Saudi people can be rightly proud of their nation, of their history and their developments.

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Death Penalty

Death penalty report

The latest death penalty report is now available and thanks to group member Lesley for assembling it.  The full year summary has already been posted.  It has been a particularly difficult month with a rash of executions in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan has been active as well.  91 more words

Death Penalty