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Question 9 (Head & Neck)

Question: You are a qualified trauma surgeon traveling in your car on a highway having your  well-equipped kit with you. At the scene of accident you find an unconscious driver. 405 more words


Question 8 (Abdomen)

Question: A patient comes to you with portal hypertension and dilated abdominal veins, which vessel is involved?

a. Hepatic Vein

b. Inferior vena cava

c. Portal vein… 345 more words


Question 6 (Lower Limb)

Question: A mass along the lateral wall of the pelvis results in the paralysis of the medial muscles of the thigh. Involvement of which of the following structures is most likely cause of this paralysis? 173 more words


Question 5 (Upper Limb)

Question: A person can’t abduct his arm after fall on the out-streched hand; however he is able to abduct it after the initial 90 degrees of passive abduction of his arm. 154 more words

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Question 4 (Histology)

Question: A medical student is examining a slide under the microscope but he is unable to differentiate the gallbladder different from the colon; the point which will help him in differentiating the gallbladder from colon histologically will be? 199 more words


Question 1 (Embryology)

QUESTION: A pregnant woman developed German Measles infection in her 1st trimester. Which of the following congenital abnormalities may appear in the foetus?

a. Renal agenesis… 67 more words


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Q1: In kidney select the correct order of arteries:

a) Renal artery > Arcuate artery >Interlobar artery > Efferent arteriole

b) Renal artery > Interlobular artery > Interlobar artery> Arcuate artery > Efferent arteriole… 3,699 more words