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FDC Walking the Talk, Contradictory if Party Chose Leader of Opposition

I want to ward into the debate about the Leader of Opposition (LoP). FDC insists it sees no need in being party to this and I full agree. 661 more words

1956 Wildlife Conservation

1956 Wildlife Conservation FDC – plate number single w/insert- Scott 1079


1950 Washington Capital

1950 Washington Capital FDC- plate number single- Scott 992 -Artcraft Cache-


1956 FDA

1956 Food and Drug Administration FDC- Scott 1080 – plate number single. Artmaster Cache-


1957 Old Glory

1957 Old Glory FDC- single w/plate number. Scott  1094


1957 Champion of Liberty

(2) 1957 Champion of Liberty – Magsaysay 8 cent -FDCs. Scott 1096. One with a plate number block of 4. The other a single plate number with a insert.


1948 Fort Kearney

9 First Day Covers- 9 different caches. Unaddressed. Scott 970