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Pete is Sweet

So I accidentally uploaded this to the main site.

Eh. It’s here now. Enjoy Pete in all her sassy glory.

Now have a Cola and a Crystal

I have a feeling you’re just going to be seeing character sketches for a while.

What Is the Foundation for Defense of Democracies?

It is a right wing, neoconservative think tank made up by a bunch of pro-Israel billionaires
doing their utmost to ‘own’ democracies for their own gain by trampling human rights. 278 more words

And Since You're a Good Kid, have a Bubblehead

Did you know that graphite is really hard to photograph?

Minor spoiler. This is Colamon’s partner, Crystal. She’s not be the sharpest tool in the shed, and she says way too much. 33 more words

Now have a Depressing Caramellomon!

You will never know how much I hate posting from my phone.

Here! Have an angry Colamon!

And if you look closely you can see my phone’s shadow! Just a quick pic to let you know I didn’t abandon this project.