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10 fdisk Commands to Manage Linux Disk Partitions

fdisk stands (for “fixed disk or format disk“) is an most commonly used command-line based disk manipulation utility for a Linux/Unix systems. With the help of fdisk command you can view, create, resize, delete, change, copy and move partitions on a hard drive using its own user friendly text based menu driven interface. 1,941 more words


How to expand a partition on the fly

I’ve just had some troubles with my Odroid XU4 complaining that there was no more space left on the micro SD card. It’s a 16 GB card so I was wondering what caused this. 698 more words


Using a Laptop Drive as a Huge USB Thumb Drive

If you have an old laptop with a decent size spinning disk, you can pick yourself up a USB hard drive enclosure for under $10, remove the laptop drive, stick it in the enclosure, and use it to transfer large amounts of data (e.g. 252 more words

Systems Administration

perintah di centOS untuk monitoring infrastruktur

untuk menjamin infrastruktur sesuai dengan yang direncanakan, ada beberapa perintah yang bisa digunakan :

  1. fdisk -l untuk mengelola disk partition di Linux
  2. mount untuk mengelola…
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Linux: Extend LVM by adding disk

Here is the current scenario: /u01 is under a LVM which is running out of space. The idea is to add space by adding a new disk (since this is a virtual machine, the disk being added is 15GB only) 676 more words


Fix error "Caution: This hard disk may be infected by virus"

Fix error “Caution: This hard disk may be infected by virus” and “Boot with floppy disk and repair it with sfdisk” by Smart Fdisk and… 191 more words


How to Recover Partitions from LVM Volume

Yesterday I had a problem with a disk… while trying to increase the size of a LVM volume, I lost the disk. What I did was: add the new disk to the LVM volume, mirror the volume and removing the original disk. 726 more words