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Linux: Extend LVM by adding disk

Here is the current scenario: /u01 is under a LVM which is running out of space. The idea is to add space by adding a new disk (since this is a virtual machine, the disk being added is 15GB only) 676 more words


Fix error "Caution: This hard disk may be infected by virus"

Fix error “Caution: This hard disk may be infected by virus” and “Boot with floppy disk and repair it with sfdisk” by Smart Fdisk and… 191 more words


How to Recover Partitions from LVM Volume

Yesterday I had a problem with a disk… while trying to increase the size of a LVM volume, I lost the disk. What I did was: add the new disk to the LVM volume, mirror the volume and removing the original disk. 726 more words


Extend Linux Partition

The Scenario

My Debian (Jessie 8.4) server has a 20GB root partition. It is a guest VM running in a VMware ESXi4.1 cluster.

The Problem… 749 more words


How to create a hard disk in a file in Linux?

You can treat a normal file as a hard disk with losetup. In the following example, I’ll create four primary partitions inside a normal file. 260 more words


Resizing Ubuntu 16.04 VM disk

  1. The original disk size 10GB.
  2. Resize the virtual disk size to 15GB.
  3. Select ‘Advanced options for Ubuntu’ from the GRUB and boot to recovery mode.
  4. 63 more words

Adding an additional disk to Linux Machine

Adding an additional disk to Linux Machine:

In one of my Oracle RAC practical, I got shortage of disk space in my Linux machine so I have decided to add one more disk of 40GB to my Linux VM. 1,073 more words