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How to find storage devices attached to computer

Storage devices like hard disks, SSD drives, CD/DVD disks, SD cards and USB thumdrives can be plugged into a Linux computer. For many operations, we need to know the name of the storage device. 222 more words

pvmove: Insufficient free space with both disks the same size

I was migrating some LUNs to another storage.

After creating the LUNs with the same size, I intended to move the data to the new disk but I was getting there was insufficient free space… 204 more words


pidora running out of space on SD card on raspberry

I was having a lot of problem using the debian version of raspberrypi. The problem was lots of dependencies when I was trying to install some packages. 840 more words


What is DOS?


DOS stands for Disk Operating System.

DOS Commands

Following are the popular DOS commands.


The ATTRIB command is used to display and modify the file attributes. 29 more words

Adding new disk to Virtual Machine for Oracle Enterprise Linux guests.

Today I will explain in few simple steps, how to add more space by adding more disks to the virtual machine, I am using VMware® Workstation 10 and the guest operating system will be Oracle Enterprise Linux 6.5. 1,169 more words


Working with Physical Volumes


Physical Volumes

– A logical representaion of a partition

Physical volumes are created in order to create logical volumes. Logical volumes allow us to have something that looks like a phyiscal partition or disk that can be manipualted, span mulitiple volumes etc. 236 more words