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Keeping a finger on gold

Forthcoming in September, from Basic Books

On this day in 1933, it was the first Friday of Franklin Roosevelt’s administration, and the new president met reporters to talk to them… 737 more words


Man at his best.

In Esquire:

While we’re watching the signal, if not single, liberal achievement — the BFD, if you will — of the Most Disappointing President Ever™ writhe before conservative jurists like a tasty Christian before so many lions deciding whether merely to rip out the mandate or devour it whole (the Scalia lion is, of course, played by Jeremy Irons and drawling, “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing!”), let’s pause to remember how the Real Democratic Party™ acted when the High Court tossed out a law that was important to their constituents and agenda: They simply passed it again, with a different rationale.

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She's like a rainbow.

Shasta Dam under construction, photographed in color by the FSA/OWI. The New Deal documented its accomplishments beautifully. And now the Library of Congress has them in an outstanding… 24 more words

FDR Pwns Everyone Infinity No Backsies

American Defense Spending from 1792 to 2015

I was playing around with the data at USGovernmentSpending.com and decided to share:

We are still living in the aftermath of World War II.

FDR Pwns Everyone Infinity No Backsies

Alexander Field, Greg Clark, and Optimism about the Current Unpleasantness.

On the jacket of Alexander Field’s new book A Great Leap Forward, my colleague Greg Clark says this:

As we sit mired in the Great Recession, Alexander Field’s exciting reappraisal of the Great Depression offers surprising solace.

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New Deal Denialist Truth Squadding

Bretton Woods: not the gold standard.

In a WSJ op-ed called “Forty Years of Paper Money,” Detlev Schlichter, a supporter of the gold standard, begins thus:

Forty years ago today, U.S.

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FDR Pwns Everyone Infinity No Backsies

FDR's worst decision.

Franklin Roosevelt’s worst decision was Executive Order 9066, “Authorizing the Secretary of War to Prescribe Military Areas”, which is to say, interning Americans of Japanese descent. 181 more words