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And you thought it would never end.


You’ve reached the final Berkshire vacation post, and for those loyal bloggers who read all 28 of the previous posts….

I’ll end the vacation saga¬† ( told you it would take me longer to blog about it then it took me to experience it in real time, … 447 more words

FDR library ... Part Two

After the Art of War exhibition, we headed deeper into the library itself.¬† It was set up chronologically and started with a deadly boring… 236 more words

Let's Go To 1933

My regulars know how much I like history and historic events……I look for history that is not common knowledge……

There some points in history that historians prefer to ignore….but they were events that shape our country whether we like the events or not…..and this is one of those forgotten points. 512 more words


The Presidential Library, Hyde Park

I was really looking forward to this part of our day.

I’d heard wonderful things about the history filled building and couldn’t wait to start exploring. 181 more words

Hyde Park, Part Two.....

After touring Springwood, we found FDR’s grave.

It’s a solemn spot, and must have been lovely in the summer with the surrounding beds of roses and peonies. 177 more words



Today we are told by breathless business columnists, the WSJ and sundry politicians that the economy is booming beyond anything we have seen since the era following WW II. 793 more words

The last day.

I know, you thought we’d never get here.

But here we are… Day 7 of the Berkshire vacation, in which we head to Hyde Park, New York. 266 more words