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Grauman's Sidewalk for the Ages

Staring down at the sidewalk at his feet.
Sitting on a rock in the yard he had been working on.
It has been a long and drawn out afternoon. 489 more words


Big Government Is Owned By Big Money (Video)

I’ve got a lot of right wing friends that have a, well justified, contempt for government, which I share.  But… what makes me and others like me different is the fact that we know the government is owned by an unsavory group of wealthy elite.  150 more words


Art Transends

I was disappointed in The Muralist by B. A. Shapiro. Having enjoyed Shapiro’s previous novel, I had high expectations for her latest book.

Set in modern times, the novel is about a young woman named Danielle who works at Christie’s auction house where she discovers paintings hidden on the back of completed works of art which have been submitted for authentication. 109 more words

"Polarization" is not symmetric

I titled the previous post using the word “polarization”, because that’s the simplest word we have for this phenomenon; but its connotations really aren’t right. “Polarization” suggests that both sides have gotten more extreme, and as a result they are now more fiercely in conflict. 1,489 more words

Public Policy

Bombs Don't Deliver Freedom

Now, I have been critical of HOW anacapbros deliver the message that wars don’t create freedom, but I am not critical of the message.  Foreign wars do not make us safe or free.   310 more words

1.3 Billion Chicken Wings Spent on Presidential Election

Yep. Experts project 1.3 billion chicken wings will flap into the election economy in a flurry of advertising for the flock of presidential candidates. Wait a minute…hold the phones! 545 more words
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