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Viața bate teatrul (LAURA MOISEI)

În 21 aprilie 2015, la Teatrul Național Timișoara și-au dat întâlnire umbrele. S-au spus poveștile de viață și moarte ale celor lăsați “cu dinții la stele” de foametea orchestrată de Uniunea Sovietică în Basarabia în anii 1946-1947. 1,005 more words

Joy to the world! (ADELA ARDEREANU)

Spectacolul Produse domestice de Xandra Popescu, în regia Ioanei Păun, a fost prezentat, luna trecută, în cadrul secțiunii FDR a Festivalului European al Spectacolului – Festivalul Dramaturgiei Românești. 279 more words

Friday Night Think Tank: FDR Was Wrong

Happy Friday, Modern Philosophers!

Since I’ve been off the last two days, today didn’t feel like Friday at all.  Thank goodness I have the Friday Night Think Tank to help me get my bearings. 367 more words


HOLMAN W. JENKINS, JR: Chipotle vs. Science

Wall Street Journal — Health-food advertising depends on the eagerness of the customer to be fooled.

Stuart Chase, an FDR aide who coined the term “New Deal” and began his career as a food-safety regulator, once said: “The very first law in advertising is to avoid the concrete promise and cultivate the delightfully vague.” 57 more words


Herbert Hoover: Mr. Progressive

My intent for this post is to clarify a common misconception about American history, perhaps one of the greatest. Modern academia has established in American history that the Great Depression was caused by income inequality, over-speculation of the stock market, and overproduction, thus, the cause of the Great Depression was Laissez-faire capitalism. 860 more words


My name is Artur and I am currently a sophomore taking A.P. United States History. My interests vary from sports, especially volleyball, to playing various musical instruments, and spending time with family. 305 more words