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AKA a world of acronyms

It’s a running joke: politics is a world of acronyms. Just think the Alphabet Agencies of FDR’s New Deal during the Great Depression. I know that. 377 more words


Bernie Sanders is No Eugene V. Debs, But an FDR? Yes.

By David Leo Glotzer          SUNY Buffalo

“The Socialist party declares that the capitalist system has outgrown its historical function, and has become utterly incapable of meeting the problems now confronting society. 2,276 more words

Bernie Sanders

Say "Yes" to a $15.00 Minimum Wage!

The minimum wage in 1963 was over $15.00 per hour, so why not return to those rates?  Let’s give liberals what they want and raise the minimum wage to $15.00 per hour and even more!  1,245 more words


Cooking the New Deal: Apple Pan Dowdy

A couple of years ago, I read Mark Kurlansky’s book Salt, which is a microhistory of… umm… well, salt. I assure you it is so much better than it sounds. 1,448 more words

New Deal

"Four more years!" for Obama?

There can be no doubt about this: Barack Obama’s critics went ballistic when the president said he could win a third term in the White House if he had the chance to seek it. 290 more words

Barack Obama

Weekly photo challenge: Up close

This was taken during our visit to Washington in May. It’s taken over the shoulder of the last man standing in the  soup kitchen line at the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial Garden. 26 more words

Weekly Photo Challenge