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A Person First

I first heard about person first language when I was in graduate school. The concept was familiar to me long before that. The idea that it was much more respectful to refer to “the woman who was blind” rather than “the blind woman” just made sense in my mind. 840 more words


March 12

You can listen to President Roosevelt’s first Fireside Chat here.


Give it a Shot: President Trump Highly Unlikely to be Able to Emulate Chinese President Xi’s Removal of Term Limits

By:  Ridgeway Woulfe

Recently, President Trump stated during a Mar-a-Lago fundraiser that Chinese President Xi’s bid to remove term limits, allowing him to serve indefinitely, was “ 516 more words


Twofer on Oak Island

DATELINE:  Family History Episode

Rising Star Gary Drayton!

On the longest of the five seasons of Curse of Oak Island, the series gave fans a grand send-off with two episodes back to back, before the finale next time. 279 more words

Biting Irony

The Democratic Party Wasn’t More Progressive in the Time You Glorify

I was recently watching a special about President Woodrow Wilson and World War I and was struck by something awful- Wilson was a bigot and sexist. 890 more words

The Democratic Party

The New Deal Required World War II

The conventional version of the New Deal contends it rescued the country from the Great Depression. Those who expound this viewpoint treat Franklin Delano Roosevelt as the savior of the country. 91 more words



If you’re the type of person who likes “real” historical novels, ones that peer into the lives of actual historical figures directly, rather than looking at famous or infamous people through made up characters who happen to orbit around them, and if you’re interested in the era of the 1930’s and 1940’s in America, then we have a new book for you!   412 more words