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Government 1A Lesson 80

Did all four of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Four Freedoms promote liberty?

Franklin D. Roosevelt was one of the Presidents of the United States. He was President around the time of World War II. 374 more words


The FDR – New York City

FDR – New York City


How Great Were Our Great Presidents? (6 of 6) Franklin Delano Roosevelt

I have come across previously unknown information on FDR that is causing me to re-evaluate his overall rating. I am dropping his score down from 4.5 to a 4 out of 5 stars. 2,418 more words

Government And Politics

Leaders of the Free World


In the lead up to WW2, FDR made the choice to position the US as the leader of the “Free World”.

What does this mean? 624 more words

The Miracle That Saved Three Future American Presidents

By Mark Bowser

A ferocious storm battered the tiny ship. Those on board weren’t confident that the wooden sides could hold up to this type of punishment. 1,003 more words

Roosevelt’s Four Freedoms on Veteran’s Day

The following is part of a speech FDR gave to illuminate a distillation of what freedom should entail for the American who is freedom-minded to extend to the world around us. 222 more words

A General Announcement

1945 – Fourth Inaugural Address of Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Link to MillerCenter.org’s transcript of speech

Summary of speech (From Miller Center):

Franklin Delano Roosevelt makes a brief address following his inauguration to his unprecedented fourth and final Presidential term. 511 more words