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Kickstarter Preview - Town of Salem

Wow! Want to see a successful Kickstarter Campaign? Check out Town of Salem by BlankMediaGames. It’s a hidden role card game where players take on the role of villagers, mafia members, werewolves, witches and all the familiar characters from this popular game model. 37 more words

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In late January, President Barack Obama presents a federal budget proposal that would exceed restricted spending caps mandated by congress four years ago. This proposal includes new capital gains, bank taxes, and a new tax on american companies competing in world markets. 981 more words


The United States’ economy took a hard strike in 1929. Since that devastating moment in history and throughout the time frame of economic struggle, the active presidents did what they could, in their opinion, to help the economy from self destructing. 887 more words

The Emperor's New Clothes

I use the news app on my phone pretty frequently.  I’m aware this isn’t the best way to gather my information, passively.  Having keywords filtered through a surely limited selection of sources mostly dominated by those with the highest revenue generating content appealing to their key demographics, but, there’s no need to be a complete dick all the time so I browse a few big topics that way.   621 more words


The Ballad of “Social Issues” And "Socialism" From the Conservative Point of View or: That Bernie is a Commie Pinko But, We'll Take The Bail-Out

“Genuine equality means not treating everyone the same, but attending equally to everyone’s different needs.”
Terry Eagleton, Why Marx Was Right

“Social issues” – “Commie” code for basic human need… 752 more words


Game Night Report #22

I’ve had the opportunity to play some great games lately! Featured in this edition of Game Night Report are The King is Dead, Ninja Camp and Sovrano! 1,222 more words

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