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We tend to hold onto past experiences and allow these to guide the present moment. 276 more words


The Gift of Now

Who can say
what tomorrow will bring
no seer can truly know
a million tomorrows
float in forever horizons
pick one and ten more appear. 51 more words


What Is Fear?

What is fear
but an unwillingness
to love
we remain frozen
in what-ifs
maybes, trembling, frozen
with scarey possibilities.

Yet he who loves God
turns away fear… 65 more words


It Flatters Him in His Own Eyes

It Flatters Him  in His Own Eyes

Throughout his life,  King David  had to deal  with all sorts  of people  —  many of whom  intensely hated him  for his faith  in God Almighty.     459 more words


Up and Down... Or Maybe I am a Goldfish...

I read somewhere that goldfish have cognizance of only two dimensions. I cannot remember which two it was, but either they don’t know that there is a left and a right, or an up and a down. 687 more words


3 Things American Christians Can Learn From My Mom... by Allison Boley

My mom made it easy for me to have a relationship with Jesus.

I figured I should start with the heart of the post instead of a cutesy story (I inserted a cutesy photograph to compensate), because I feel an urgency. 885 more words


Sigh. (Again.)

After today’s colossal and repeated errors in judgement, rampant foolishness, overwhelming panic and just utter stupidity, I have come to the conclusion that I learn slower than a fucking pigeon. 26 more words