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It's Possible to Drown Out Marching Nazis. What About the Ones in Our Heads?

That 40,000 people marched peacefully in Boston on Saturday against hate groups, including Nazis, gave me hope that civilization would survive, at least for the weekend. 1,353 more words


Why did the young man go away sad?

 The 19th Chapter of Matthew’s gospel includes the story of the wealthy young man who wanted Jesus to help him achieve eternal life. According to the story, this unnamed young man knew the commandments and followed them every day. 433 more words

Why Praise God?

Praise God
but why?
Certainly not for Him
rather to remind us
of His mercy, generosity
His all-encompassing love
for us, His creation.

Love God… 80 more words


Quotes~NJM~Hold Fast~

Taking steps away  is easy, standing still is hard~


Bipolar Disorder

Review: On Edge

Gentle Reader,

On December 5, 1989, Andrea Petersen suffered a crippling panic attack. Over the next year, she would be in and out of doctor’s offices, attempting to figure out what was wrong. 193 more words


Our Birthright

The Divine within
is available to all
yet not all
open their hearts
to this gift.

Fear, suspicion, indifference
willfulness, disbelief
keep us from receiving… 26 more words



Complaints are thick
as blackberries
self-pity is found
courage as rare
as truth

Yet, in the center
of creation
one finds our Lord
telling us… 24 more words