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Rising above again

I confess that I have trouble taking myself seriously as a photographer.

My body quakes whenever I venture from an automatic setting to manual.

Could it be all that camera terminology? 206 more words


Life with Loss

The month of October makes people think about things like death and fears. They’re not easy topics to talk about or think about, but all of us are affected by them. 342 more words


Reality Reflection: What's Enough?

This week I’ve been contemplating a difficult topic in our world of consumerism and extreme focus on success and wealth. If you’ve been in the self-help industry for a while, especially the success and career related portions, you’ve probably run across people who say they can help you grow exponentially, and they talk about the people they’ve helped earn multi-six figures and millions (or more) each year. 334 more words

Fresh Perspectives

Friday the 13th!

Yes, today is that scary day of days, Friday the 13th.  Do you believe the superstition?  Do you run screaming from black cats?  How about walking under a ladder?  70 more words

October 12 @ Proverbs 29-30

Proverbs 29-30 (NLT link) 

Discover His heart: He keeps safe those who trust in Him

One morning a couple of years ago I was sitting in my family room having devotions when the doorbell rang.  627 more words

Daily Devotions

Communities of Fear

Our nation today faces challenges of concentrated poverty and dangerous neighborhoods that lead to stress, fear, and trauma for the families and children living within them. 383 more words

United By Corey Booker

A baby on the way- and more lumps

I’m seven months pregnant.  Three years ago I was finishing up my final of 16 chemotherapy treatments.  I was thinking that it was only a matter of time before the cancer started to grow again.   529 more words

Breast Cancer