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How to get rid of anxiety

Getting rid of anxiety. Read this book, take this pill, deep breathe, etc, etc. It’s probably right up there for people looking for the mate of their dreams or for wealth. 273 more words

Stress And Worry

Riding - with or without a helmet?

Riding is one of the only sports that develop areas of the brain that connect with intuition, awareness, instinct and feel. When you rely upon forms of interference within your own body as well as the horse’s body, you cut off this ability to intuit what is happening. 1,590 more words

Self Discovery

Goddamn Depression!

Shit. Haven’t had a depression hit me this hard for a while. And I know what my man is gonna be thinking – he’s gonna be thinking it’s because his visit was only short, and he’s gone again. 322 more words


Reality Reflection: Enjoying Fears?

This month we’ve been talking a lot about the topic of enjoying life, but for the next week we’ll be getting into the other topic that everyone talks about in October: Halloween.  428 more words



What is better, I wonder? Goodbye, or no goodbye? Either one fucking sucks.

I’m so fucking frustrated.

Spend time with the one person in the world that I adore beyond words, yet it’s never enough time. 415 more words


What is Your BS Story?

I was blessed enough to attend a yoga workshop with Jen Pastiloff yesterday. She provided the group with many prompts but one really stood out for me. 166 more words



Taking steps away is easy, standing still is hard~


Bipolar Disorder