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Unite My Heart

Unite My Heart

When Jesus called us sheep,  He made a very accurate description.     Sheep are afraid of anything different  from another sheep.     They feel protected  within their own flock  of sameness.    893 more words


I Ran Toward Death

I ran toward death today.
I believed that my friends and maybe I were going to die in some unpleasant way.
I was ready for the battle, both to kill and to die. 85 more words


Why God Gives Us More Than We Can Handle

SOURCE:  Jon Bloom/Desiring God

The next time someone says that God doesn’t give us more than we can handle, point them to Judges 7. God’s instructing Gideon to take on over 100,000 enemy soldiers with just 300 fits in the “more than you can handle” category. 1,153 more words


Sometimes we adoptees are straight up assholes!

Everything has to do with adoption and at the same time, nothing has to do with adoption. It’s one of those weird concepts where you know that part of who you are is made up of what the adopters tried to make you, and the other part is your nature. 1,792 more words


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Courage is a gift
received when most in need.
Fear locks our knees
loosens our bowels
and banishes our intent.

False courage, an illusion
borrowed from a bottle, 88 more words


Quotes~NJM~Hold Fast~

Taking steps away  is easy, standing still is hard~


Bipolar Disorder

Be Exalted

Be Exalted

There is a great temptation  to “clam up” and say nothing  when a person’s faith  is challenged.     If one is in a college science class  where evolution is being taught,  those students who speak up  for God as our Creator  are very likely going  to be demeaned  by the professor  in front of the whole class — and be given a lower grade,  which might jeopardize their opportunities  for a scholarship.     802 more words