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Dear Friends, Part Two

Well, I made it through the ‘procedure’ okay.

Thanks for all your emails and support!  (Especially J. who stayed with me and drove me to-and-fro!) 169 more words

'everything That's Old Is New Again'

New Moon Oracle: April 19th 2015

Once again I ask myself: can it really be a month since the last new moon? Doing these oracle readings has become a sacred ritual for me and a sometimes hard reminder that time is passing, future becomes past, all submits to time. 1,094 more words


Panic Disorder

Well, I did manage to bring in the mail during the day yesterday and, as always happens, by the time I got back in the house my heart was pounding, I was sweating, I could barely catch my breath, and I had to sit on the stairs before I could take the mail either up or down (we live in a bi-level). 364 more words

A-Z Blog Challenge

The Mental Weight Room

A while ago we were prompted to discuss confidence and describe the things at which we excel. It was a hard post to write in that describing fears and humility can sometimes come off as false, or at worst fishing for compliments. 799 more words


Once More, Unto The Breach, Dear Friends...

(I’m hardly Henry the Fifth!)

But, people oft quote (or misquote) this Shakespeare line, when embarking on some ‘adventure’.

This morning, I’m going to an outpatient clinic for an EGD.  162 more words

'everything That's Old Is New Again'

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Most people, when they think of OCD, imagine the comedic detective, Monk. While he shows some of the fears, obsessions and compulsions that may indeed be typical, I think it’s mainly a caricature. 219 more words

A-Z Blog Challenge

The Problem With Intimacy

Before I begin, I must briefly apologize – last night I was unable to get in a blog post. This may happen from time to time, but it occurred to me last night that at least until the end of May I will usually be unable to write at all on Wednesday nights. 1,024 more words