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It's never too late...

So, I’m not sure which quote is the proper one and since I love both versions I thought I’d share them together.

The idea of it never being too late to become who or what you were destined to be is the best way to sum up my journey as a person in this adventure called life. 547 more words


I'm a pusher

It’s been done. He’s been blocked. On everything. Believe me, this isn’t the first time I’ve done this.

I’m a pusher. Well, not a drug pusher. 811 more words

That's my Wing...

Hola Everybody,
As some of you know, my goal is to post at least one blog entry every day for the year. I almost missed it today. 342 more words

What Do I Have To Be?

I could ask anyone (friends, family, strangers and those who don’t like me) “What do I have to be?” and get a variety of answers. 1,108 more words


Vetting Out the False Positives

Our search for spirituality can be summarized in one neat statement, “To know God is to fall into absolute Love with yourself.” One can venture further and then form the conclusion that the immediate focal point of anyone’s practice could be unlodging any false beliefs about oneself replacing them with the reality of the Truth. 491 more words


Creative Mistakes

When was the last time you made a mistake?  Was it recent?  It probably was, I know I’ve made a bunch of mistakes today!  As adults we often see all mistakes as bad and really wrong, can you remember the last time you laughed at a mistake you made or it honestly didn’t bother you?  308 more words