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On Politics


what is this you try
to give me?  i need no slogans.  i make–and suffer–
my own.


I’m sure I fear the thought of Donald being in power more than Hilary! 28 more words


360MC: Research and Development Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

An oddball journalist and his psychopathic lawyer travel to Las Vegas for a series of psychedelic escapades.- IMDB

This film really inspired me in terms of the effects they use, specifically in the circus scene. 84 more words

Research And Development (360MC)

Whatever It Meant

The past two days have been a blast!  I’ve been hanging out with Sky, a leather worker from Canada, currently in LA and who wants to travel all over.   574 more words

Random Thoughts

Quote of the Day


 It’s easy to criticize Hunter S. Thompson today. Bigot, homophobe, drug addict, alcoholic, quintessential shit disturber – the list is endless, really. But in his more or less… 307 more words

Ralph Steadman and the Fear and Loathing of Typewriter Correction Fluid

Comics challenge traditional ideas of art.

Usually a statement like that implies “good art” or “high art” and the supposed challenge of whether comics as a mass medium can be included in such categories. 1,030 more words

Six Degrees of Maria Semple

Kevin Bacon, pack up your grits. You ain’t got nuttin’ on Maria Semple. Per an article on slate.com, Dan Kois and Andrew Khan were struck with an idea upon publication of Semple’s latest book: Why not ask the Seattle-based writer what she thinks is the funniest book by a living writer. 158 more words

Reporter Mary Wisniewski continues the revival of Nelson Algren with a new biography

Chicago Tribune reporter Mary Wisniewski first discovered Nelson Algren when she was in college in search of a book about the seedy side of life. A friend recommended “The Man with the Golden Arm” and she expected a book much like Hunter S. 2,016 more words