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The Fear Factor

If anyone our age tells you that they are not afraid to do something new, give up everything they have, quit their job, sell their homes, cash out their retirement accounts and leave whatever family and friends they have, I’d say they are not centered in reality. 362 more words


#014: Watch The Human Centipede


Well holy shit. Sorry, it’s only been a few hours since we finished the film, and I’m still feeling a little sick. So we decided the first scary film on our list was the human centipede- a film that is mentioned and talked about with disgust, and therefore in my mind is a horror you have to see before you die! 162 more words

That one time I was on Fear Factor Live

“So you’re going to be wearing this underwear that’s made of paper. It’s uncomfortable but you won’t even notice.”


It was Christmas morning and we just got off the Hogwarts Express that took us from Hogsmede to Diagon Alley. 701 more words


#005: Be In a Magazine


So two in one day, crazy?? But this one has been a while coming, and finally the post brought the magazine to our door step today! 164 more words

#004: Getting a Surprise Tattoo


Finally for a challenge that involves a little bit of pain…tattoos! Something we both adore. We had no tattoos when we first met, and promised we would grow old and tattooed and wrinkly together. 303 more words

#003: Called the Doctor (and failed at a headstand)


Maybe because I know we have an AWESOME challenge tomorrow, today is a slightly less scary challenge. However, that is only because it sounds like it isn’t scary to most people. 403 more words


When I read in my itinerary as an AboutKL blogger that Dinner In The Sky was on, I seriously had mixed feelings… I was thrilled about it, but at the same time, I was also nervous and scared… after all, there were going to be about 27 people suspended in the sky on a wire and a crane right…. 844 more words