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#064 Blitz Q: Who Would You LEAST Like to Meet--The Xenomorph or The Predator?

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Forget theĀ  “AvP” movies (mainly because I haven’t seen the flicks, so I can’t do a pros and cons list of their strengths and weaknesses against each other). 776 more words

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Have I Said This Before?

My girlfriend and I have been planning our escape for years. It was some fear and apprehensions that stopped us from taking the leap years ago and wandering our beautiful planet on a forever way of life…traveling. 391 more words


"Fear Factor" 3/28 Nightcap

Tati & Jasmine (models)
Oscar & Geovanni (cousins)
Lorenzo & Azzizi (roommates)
Erika & Richard (siblings)

Choked Up: They got into a rm. & tried to put on as much clothing as they could before the gas in that rm. 201 more words

"Fear Factor"

"Fear Factor" 3/28

Collegians Who Competed:
Autumn & Bryanna (USC)
Carolyn & Ronke (UCLA)
Michael & Steven (USC)
Max & Nick (UCLA)

Tar & Feather: One teammate would have corn syrup poured all over their self & that person would jump into a vat of superworms. 183 more words

"Fear Factor"

"Fear Factor" 3/21

Alanna & Miranda (siblings)
Mike & Shay (married)
Ed & Khairi (teammates)
Hailey & Hannah

Last Breath: In a water tank one teammate was shacked to the bottom while the other player was tied to the top. 183 more words

"Fear Factor"

"Fear Factor" 3/20

Kelsey & Brandon (HS exes)
Ashley (esthetician) & Nick (exes w/ benefits)
Tim (comedian) & Jasmine (exes & roomies)
Devin & Tiona (exes & track teammates) 154 more words

"Fear Factor"

"Fear Factor" 3/14 Nightcap

Cody (BROKE) & Kristen (high-maintenance)
Kim (works in medical device sales) & Matt (model)
Alexis (athlete) & Lam (gamer)
Tiffany (partier) & Adam (homebody)

Sparks Fly: Beginning on opposite sides of a cage the blind dates were tied together at the end of a rope; above them was livewire (if they touched that or the fence they would get shocked). 149 more words

"Fear Factor"