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Cornwallis Passion: Recruit Training

Cornwallis Passion: Recruit Training

By David Smith September 29, 2015

Cornwallis they call it. The emotions cut deep.

Spray starch and ironing and fear that’s unique; 92 more words

Three Little Boys

Three Little Boys
By David Smith September 16, 2015
The oldest and the youngest perched up in a tree
And the middle boy inside grasping controls of a TV… 86 more words

The Fear Factor

Dutch politician Geert Wilders of the Freedom Party referred to the refugee crisis as an ‘Islamic invasion’. By doing so he tries to install fear in the minds and hearts of the very people he is supposed to serve. 406 more words


Please, don't pass the squash.

When watching contestants eat strange animal parts or bugs on the cancelled show Fear Factor, it seldom made me flinch. Bear Grylls boiled a mouse in urine and ate it. 456 more words


The Fear Factor And Other Effective Disciplinary Tactics

Forget all that psychobabble about talking rationally to children. And don’t bother with those useless “time outs.” You can’t reason with a child; they’re smarter than we are. 606 more words

Live Octopus Soup

Live octopus soup is a fairly common dish in South Korea but often takes foreigners by surprise because of the execution-style cooking method.  Many Asian cultures believe that the fresher the food is or the sooner you eat the food after its living state, the healthier the food is for you.  238 more words