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"Fear Factor" 3/21

Alanna & Miranda (siblings)
Mike & Shay (married)
Ed & Khairi (teammates)
Hailey & Hannah

Last Breath: In a water tank one teammate was shacked to the bottom while the other player was tied to the top. 183 more words

"Fear Factor"

"Fear Factor" 3/20

Kelsey & Brandon (HS exes)
Ashley (esthetician) & Nick (exes w/ benefits)
Tim (comedian) & Jasmine (exes & roomies)
Devin & Tiona (exes & track teammates) 154 more words

"Fear Factor"

"Fear Factor" 3/14 Nightcap

Cody (BROKE) & Kristen (high-maintenance)
Kim (works in medical device sales) & Matt (model)
Alexis (athlete) & Lam (gamer)
Tiffany (partier) & Adam (homebody)

Sparks Fly: Beginning on opposite sides of a cage the blind dates were tied together at the end of a rope; above them was livewire (if they touched that or the fence they would get shocked). 149 more words

"Fear Factor"

"Fear Factor" 3/14

Thea & Paulina (sorority sisters)
Kory & Keshwan 
Joan & Terrence (dating)
Manuel & Brittney (coworkers)

Feeding Time: The competitors were locked into a pitch-black rm. 116 more words

"Fear Factor"

"Fear Factor" 3/13

Quinlan & Brendan
Jacob & Jason
Vanessa & Emily
Laniqua & Kaniqua

Fire Arm: The twins started on opposite sides of a dark rm. & they had to light one of their arms on fire to run & light up the torches. 150 more words

"Fear Factor"

"Fear Factor" 3/11

Rohelia & Kelsey (mom/daughter)
Mario & Arianna (dad/daughter)
Kinaya & Ocean (mom/son)
Tori & Carolyn (daughter/mom; the mom’s a two-time cancer survivor)

Pack Rat: There were 300 disgusting creatures in a home. 142 more words

"Fear Factor"

"Fear Factor" 3/4

They Were All Tech Lovers:
Brady & James (gamers)
Lucas & Brec (social media stars)
Shavonne & Ashley (cousins)
Eric & Toni (coworkers)

Dropped Call: While Ludacris took everybody’s phones & tried to blend ’em up the teams had to look inside the four beast-filled boxes for cellphone codes. 166 more words

"Fear Factor"