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The Fear Factor And Other Effective Disciplinary Tactics

Forget all that psychobabble about talking rationally to children. And don’t bother with those useless “time outs.” You can’t reason with a child; they’re smarter than we are. 606 more words

Live Octopus Soup

Live octopus soup is a fairly common dish in South Korea but often takes foreigners by surprise because of the execution-style cooking method.  Many Asian cultures believe that the fresher the food is or the sooner you eat the food after its living state, the healthier the food is for you.  238 more words


Watchers of the Sky

“…I don’t just wish you rain, Beloved – I wish you the beauty of storms…” – John Geddes, A Familiar Rain

One of the most alluring yet frightening things to watch is the gathering of storm clouds on a hot Saskatchewan afternoon. 465 more words

Newspaper Column

But my comfort zone is so comfortable...

Oh, the bliss of a weekend at home! Which isn’t to say the past two weekends, out and about seeing friends, at weddings, having fun, haven’t been brilliant. 926 more words


Throwback Thursday - 07/16/15

Thursday mornings at 8:05a we give you 3 clues from back in the day! Know the right year to win Throwback Thursday!

[cbs-audio-player title=”Throwback Thursday” artist=”Buenos Dias Its Ivan” download=false image=” 67 more words

The HOT Show

Television Shows evokes the emotions of people

Every human has daily needs such as air, food and water. These are needs which are compulsory in our lives. Over the years television has become a part of our daily life needs to the extent that we place a subconscious importance to it. 811 more words



Featured on the TV show Fear Factor, balut, or a fertilized chicken egg, boiled and served to eat is the Popeye’s spinach of the Philippines, said to make you grow strong. 199 more words