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What does it take to conquer your fears?

I’m tending to realize there’s one essential key to conquering my most paralyzing fears.

It’s that bitch of an answer I know is true but  659 more words


Monday Coffee

Wow!  What a busy night.  Thanks for coming to join me at home.  We have had a hectic schedule with prospective buyers breezing in and out for the past couple of hours.   571 more words

Weekly Trail

Salafist Vigilantes Under Fire in The Hague

A majority of the Dutch parliament opposes the deployment of Salafist vigilantes in the city of The Hague on new years eve. On that night members of the orthodox As-Soennah mosque will patrol the city-district Schilderswijk in order to help local authorities. 305 more words

Fear Factor

Facing the Fear Factor: Developing positive memories

I have not been following the book’s protocol completely, even though it says that is the way to the best results, largely because while I’m afraid in a few situations, I’m not a fearful rider about almost everything. 572 more words

Would You Ever Be on a Reality Show?

Reality shows are addictive. We all know they’re not reality, just tasks set up for people to do and situations people have to try to get through. 275 more words

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Big brother yarışması başlıyor

Big brother nasıl bir yarışma 
Big Brother nasıl bir yarışma ve konusu ne üzerine? Yurtdışında birçok ülkede yayınlanan Big Brother, kendine özgü kurallarıyla kendimizin sınırlarını ekranda deneyimleme şansı yaratıyor. 23 more words

The Last Days - The Fear Factor

I’ve been posting about how we should be living in the last days. In my last article I talked about what not to do.

“There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars. 569 more words