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Fear Itself

This post started out as a fluffy little feel good piece about courage and then God rocked my world and convicted me of my pettiness in an earth shaking way. 1,012 more words

Treating fear itself in the clinical setting

It’s been a tough evening at the after-hours care center. It’s the middle of the cough and cold season, patients are showing up in droves, and I’m the only clinician available to see them. 83 more words

Humane Medicine

Fear Itself: The Fearless (aka. wishing I could be in awe of Valkyrie)

Fear Itself: The Fearless by Cullen Bunn, Matt Fraction,
Christopher Yost, Mark Bagely, & Peter Pelletier (2012) 152 more words


The Psychology of Terrorism

Since September 11, terrorism has been an ever present threat gnawing at our collective peace of mind. In recent years those fears—particularly of domestic attacks by Islamic extremists—have spiked. 308 more words

Criminal drop in on this week's Barnett's Brutal Brunch show

This week I am joined by Chile’s finest thrash export Criminal. Tune in as the driving force and original member Anton Reisenegger chats about the history and the future plans of the band. 241 more words


Criminal - Fear Itself

 The last time I’ve heard some truly good thrashy death metal would have to be Biotoxic Warfare’s album that came out last year, but other than that gem nothing truly of note has come across my ears. 396 more words

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Fear Itself: New Year's Day

Something happened on New Year’s Eve, an explosion killed the workers of a chemical plant, and then it brought them back to life. Now, lonely Helen must make her way across a city full of the walking dead if she hopes to survive the new year. 1,567 more words

The Undead Review