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Fear Itself: Eater (2008)

Directed by Stuart Gordon. Written by Richard Chizmar and Johnathon Schaech, based on a short story by Peter Crowther.  Starring Elisabeth Moss and Russell Hornsby. 164 more words


Fear Itself: In Sickness and In Health (2008)

Directed by John Landis.  Written by Victor Salva.  Starring Maggie Lawson, James Roday, Marshall Bell, William  B. Davis, Sonja Bennett and Christie Laing.

Plot: a bride recieves a note on her wedding day warning her that the person she’s marrying is a serial killer… 195 more words


Fear Itself: Family Man (2008)

Directed by Ronny Yu.  Written by Daniel Knauf. Starring Clifton Collins Jr., and Colin Ferguson.

Plot: a husband and father switches bodies with a serial killer… 115 more words


Fear Itself: Spooked (2008)

Directed by Brad Anderson.  Written by Matt Venne.  Starring Eric Roberts.

Plot; a P.I. with a bad past is on assignment in a haunted house and crazy shit starts happening… 135 more words


Fear Itself: The Sacrifice (2008)

Directed by Breck Eisner.  Written by Mick Garris, based on the short story “The Lost Herd” by Del Howison.  Starring Jeffrey Pierce, Jesse Plemons, Stephen Martines, Rachel Miner, Miercea Monroe and Walter Phelan. 187 more words


Nul (Fear Itself - Hulk) #032 Heroclix

This is heroclix #032 of the Fear Itself set released in 2012. He is Nul – Breaker of Worlds (AKA the Hulk).

Hulk would come to possess one of the mighty hammers meant to destroy the world and thus turn him into Nul. 219 more words


Thing I did: Halloween Fear Itself

This is a very old post that I’ve had sitting in my drafts for months, so apologies for its lack of urgency and relevance. I may write up the Thanksgiving Trail of Cthulhu game I ran in 2016 as well, so I can claim this is a themed series of ‘late posts’. 976 more words