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Iron Man: Demon in a Bottle Review

This is a comic book story arc from the 1970’s about Tony Stark’s alcoholism. There’s also this lady, Bethany that kinda looks like Mary Jane that helps Stark with his drinking problem. 381 more words


Datafile: Fear Itself - The Serpent

At last at the end of all things, the Serpent rises and the world will fear him! Who will stand, the brother of Odin or the son of Odin? 88 more words


Datafiles: Fear Itself - Odin All-Father

Of all the mighty of Asgard, one stands tallest. Odin son of Bor, lord of Asgard and father of Thor rules the realms of Yggdrasil and grants his boon or wrath on those he deems worthy or not. 114 more words


Item Power Sets: Fear Itself - Weapons of the Odin-force

In the face of darkest oblivion, what hope does humanity have? When overwhelming fear fells gods and our greatest heroes cannot even stand against the rising tide of darkness, extreme measures must be taken. 236 more words


Datafiles: Fear Itself - Mobs

Throughout the Fear Itself there are many mobs that are presented as challenges for the players to either face or seek help from. These datafiles could be useful for many situations where you need a group of bad guys for heroes to either enlist or beat down.  17 more words


Datafiles: Nerkodd and Skadi (Attuma and Sin)

Howdy, True Believers!

We continue our coverage of Mirko’s great Fear Itself Event with some more datafiles!

First, we have the dreaded Attuma, already a fearsome foe¬†before he was imbued with the powers of The Serpent’s hammer. 234 more words


Datafiles: Angrir and Mokk (Thing and Grey Gargoyle)

The last hammers of this week were spiritual weapons that fell to two warriors of stone, Agrir: Breaker of Souls was taken by the ever-loving, blue-eyed Thing and Mokk: Breaker of Faith was carried by master thief and chemist extraordinaire, Grey Gargoyle. 115 more words