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Daredevil #43 (August, 1968)

As regular readers of this blog will know, I somehow managed to get through the first five months or so of being a regular buyer and reader of Marvel Comics without picking up a single book featuring the work of perhaps the single most important architect of that publisher’s fictional universe — that would be Jack “King” Kirby, of course  — but, come June, 1968, I went on a Kirby tear, buying not one, not two, but… 1,987 more words

Silver Age Comics

Star Trek: Discovery - Fear Itself by James Swallow

As with the previous novels in the Star Trek: Discovery tie-in series thus far, this one takes place before the events of the television series, offering insight and growth into the characters we’ve become familiar with on screen but haven’t yet come to really know as well as we might like.  870 more words


Fear Itself: The Circle (2009)

Directed by Eduardo Rodriguez.  Screenplay written by Richard Chizmar and Johnathon Schaech.  Based on a novel by Lewis Shiner.  Starring Johnathon Schaech, Ashley Scott and Victoria Pratt. 101 more words


Fear Itself: Echoes (2009)

Directed by Rupert Wainwright.  Written by Sean Hood.  Starring Aaron Stanford, Eric Balfour and Camille Guaty.

Plot: a nice man discovers that he was a sadistic killer in a previous life… 63 more words


Fear Itself: The Spirit Box (2009)

Directed by Rob Schmidt.  Written by Joe Gangemi.  Starring Anna Kendrick and Martin Donovan.

Plot: a dead school girl contacts 2 of her classmates during a seance to help her find her murderer… 116 more words


Fear Itself: Chance (2009)

Directed by John Dahl.  Written by Rick Dahl and Lem Dobbs.  Starring Ethan Embry.

Plot: Chance is down on his luck and when he meets his doppelganger things don’t exactly get better… 73 more words


Fear Itself: Something With Bite (2009)

Directed by Ernest R. Dickerson.  Written by Max Landis.  Starring Wendell Pierce.

Plot: a vet is bitten by a large animal and begins a transformation… 130 more words