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A Horror and a Sales Pitch

The Daily Fear Monger


… but Don’t miss our great vacation deal!!!

I still respect some reporting on WND.com

But any time I go to the site, there will be the wildest predictions of catastrophe and horrors, followed by any number of people trying to sell me something. Shame on you, WND.

Fear Mongers

False Security

False security

Fanaticism disguised

In propaganda

Confirming the masses fears

They so skillfully crafted


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Keeping track of the Zika hoax: More hocus pocus

Swede put up a link in the post below to a Daily Mail article on Zika claiming that as many as two billion people are at risk from the virus. 821 more words

American Wilderness


What part of FEAR NOT does Jim Bakker not understand?

Up against the horrors in the news, and the shameless fear mongering of some preachers, I have begun to see “Fear Not” as a command, rather than a word of advice  182 more words

Justin Gregorits, Author & Member of Daxton's Friends, and Dogsbite.org

Justin Gregorits, aka Gene Gregorits has been transferred to the Florida Dept. of Corrections to serve out his prison sentence.  Gregorits has also been added to the FDLE database of Sexual Offenders. 120 more words

Did you miss the September 2015 Apocalypse?

No problem! You can attend the complete ruin of America on April 13, 2016!

Since the 1970s, one preacher after another has come up with an end times clock that conveniently placed the Lord’s return soon enough to sell a lot of books and tapes. 150 more words

Fear Mongers