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Anonymous hacker group warns world to prepare for WW3

Last night, The New York Post saw fit to publish an article on the hacker group Anonymous’ release of a chilling 6-min. video posted to… 394 more words

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Fear For Profit

Question. What do the following headlines have in common? 
  • “Three Words: ‘WE’RE IN TROUBLE!'”
  • “BANG: Off The WALL and Caught OFF GUARD–The Real TRUTH & Nothing But The…”
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Fear Mongers

Let's Vacation In Antarctica!

While cross-country skiing together, a friend told me it was colder that day in Massachusetts than in Antarctica a couple of weeks earlier when she was vacationing there. 417 more words
Fear Mongers

Donald Trump and the Fear Mongers

“(The leaders) intellectual acts are strong and independent even in isolation and his will need no reinforcement from others … (He) loves no one but himself, or other people only insofar as they serve his needs.”
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If Earth is warming, why is Arctic sea ice as thick as in 1940?

Government agencies and corporate media bemoan the melting and thinning of Arctic sea ice — indicative of the scourge of man-made global warming:

Extraordinary melting of Arctic sea ice in 2012!

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Everyone's Liberty Must Be Protected, Not Just The Liberty of Those You Like

This isn’t directed at my followers as I believe most of you already know this — but this is provided as food for thought for those ‘conversations’ with someone who does need to hear or read these words… 357 more words

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