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MODERATE MUSLIM’ In THIS State Said Jews Should Have Their Throats

This is from Clash Daily.

This proves what so many of us patriots have said there is no such thing as a moderate Muslim.

Muslims are violent murdering extremists just waiting to attack. 405 more words

A Christian Response to San Bernadino

A friend of mine runs a program on the West Coast which is helping Christians, Jews, and Muslims to know, respect, and enjoy one another.His work can be seen as an extension of Bonhoeffer’s call to understand Jesus Christ as the Lord not just of Christians but of all people. 497 more words

Early Bonhoeffer

DARPA’s Atlas Robot

Atlas unleashed: DARPA’s Atlas Robot Can Now Walk on Rocky Terrain – https://wp.me/p2APzz-atNp

Sounds like their Terminator robot is a big flop. Yes, I am smiling as I know that you are as well. 24 more words


Beware of phone call about IRS lawsuit for taxes owed. It's a scam

Yesterday, I received an alarming phone call.

It was a voice-recording of an official-sounding female, saying that there’s a lawsuit filed against me for taxes owed, and that I must call this number: … 304 more words

United States

Let's Close the Borders...To South Carolinians

We all know that the terrorist, Dylan Roof, who killed 9 people in a shooting rampage in July, 2015,  is from South Carolina. Therefore, all native South Carolinians are suspect as potential terrorists who must be kept out of other states. 251 more words

Sandy Hook schemers who haven't read 'Nobody Died At Sandy Hook' are attacking the book on Amazon

I am one of the contributors to Nobody Died At Sandy Hook, co-edited by Professor James Fetzer.

The book is being attacked on amazon.com by a phalanx of Sandy Hook schemers who haven’t even read the book. 707 more words


Proposed UN Tribunal of Climate Justice threatens U.S. sovereignty, while Antarctica ice is increasing, not melting

The Christian Science Monitor reports that a new NASA study found that Antarctica has been adding more ice than it’s been losing, challenging other research, including that of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, that concludes that Earth’s southern continent is losing land ice overall. 397 more words