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The culture of fear

I put a residential rental unit on the market earlier this year, and in closing was told that I had to install $1,600 in radon mitigation equipment in the crawl space. 402 more words


Fear This!

The fear mongers are attacking our sensibilities in earnest with world events, threat of nuclear bombs and home-grown terrorists. We are being bombarded daily with gloom, doom, negative thinking and everything in between. 266 more words

Consternation Kills

Consternation kills;

Turning inward the faint heart,

Swallowing them whole.

Such is the fear mongers goal,

To scare the masses to death.

Played time and again, 25 more words


Man Dehydrates After Discovering Water Is Halal Certified...a victim of Islamaphobia promoted by the intelligent media

A Brisbane man has died of dehydration today after refusing to consume water following the revelation that technically water is halal certified.

Forty two year old Brisbane local Keith Sheen, a noted opponent of what he believes Halal to mean, brazenly refused to consume water or any drink containing water to protest Halal certification. 245 more words


Russell Jacoby Quote.

Jacoby, R. (2011). Bloodlust: On the roots of violence from Cain and Abel to the present. New York: Free Press.


Whatever happened to the real news!

Man I miss Walter Cronkite. I miss real news reporting period. Newscasters now seem to have a total disrespect for the people they are reporting about and the people they are reporting too. 153 more words