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Eamon de Valera fear of Televisions

In my previous post i was discussing Censorship in Ireland. Last week in my Irish Literature class we discussed the ways new developments of technologies such as television broadcasting and radio broadcasting were received by the Irish government and particularly the president at the time Eamon de Valera. 246 more words

The Fear of Change

By Shawn Sailer

Co-Sports Editor

Change can be a good thing and a bad thing. Personally, I do not like change.

When something changes, that makes people adjust and adapt. 410 more words


Vincent's Struggles

Berlant suggests that Vincent “acts mannerly with his children, Oedipal with his parents, softly masculine with his wife—doing whatever it takes to protect the privilege of drifting without entirely drifting off, or going off the cliff”(221). 910 more words

Donald Trump and the Fear Mongers

“(The leaders) intellectual acts are strong and independent even in isolation and his will need no reinforcement from others … (He) loves no one but himself, or other people only insofar as they serve his needs.”
1,179 more words


Anxiety Is Not My Friend

Normally this blog is devoted to my struggles with depression. But lately it’s my anxiety that has really taken over my life. Anxiety is not fun. 588 more words


Coward in the pale light of April

In chapter IV of Henry James’s novella “The Beast in the Jungle,” Marcher visits Bartram feeling a “sadness sharper than all the greyest hours of autumn” (54). 472 more words

Your Purpose - Explained By Downton Abbey

I’ve recently become addicted to Downton Abbey. Yes, I know I’m late to the party. I usually avoid shows like that because I am weak. I am drawn to my couch, popcorn and tv shows, like an alcoholic to vodka, and like the alcoholics say, one is too many and two is not enough. 663 more words