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The door is still open but where is my heart?

With tears so close to the surface, I almost thought they’d be noticed, I signed the form, thus closing the door on policing forever. The expiration date on this dream had come and gone so when the time finally came for them, I was not in the place that I wanted to be. 252 more words


Dusk and dawn - a poetic blog offering

Striated sky of orange, pink, and gold,
Scorching sun sinking in westward window.

As another day closes, I wonder,
Are these our last in this place? 111 more words

Prison Lesson 2 - Self Sabotage

today I taught my second class at the Utah State Prison. The subject was “Self Sabotage,” something we have all done. Below are the notes for the material I taught. 1,815 more words

Arden Compton

Changemageddon And The Sacred Cow...

Delivering change is almost an art-form, and done well, can see the difference between a successful anti-climax that delivers real business value and one of abject chaos striking fear and confusion into the hearts of those who are just not prepared for it. 382 more words

Change Adoption

There's nothing to fear except, well, everything.

I’ve got a confession to make.  I’ve stared at this blank “new post” screen probably 8 times in the last week.  I sit and I stare at it.  695 more words


Personal Growth - My Journey To Becoming A Strong Woman

I’ve always been a little reserved; the quiet shy girl who kept most of her thoughts in her head. This wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it did have its shortcomings. 767 more words


4 Effective Ways To Handling Change – Part 1

Many of us will readily admit to not liking the notion of “change,” and you can bet there are many more who will not even own they dislike change. 285 more words