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About four weeks ago after a long day out with friends, we rambled into a few different restaurants in the now gentrified, formerly funky part of town while trying to get a table for four without a reservation. 1,664 more words


Fear of change, our comfort-zone. Not knowing how great we are.

{Written with Lehlohonolo Richard Ntlatlapo}

When taking in that very first refreshing breath, which travels down the respiratory tract to expand the small sacks housed within a tiny chest… hope is born. 657 more words

Life Convoes

Ways to Face The Fear Of Change When It Comes To Success

Is Fear Of CHANGE Something That Terrifies You when it comes to Success? Fear will show up every time you think about change when you are growing or  477 more words

Claim Your Worth

Don't be afraid of the en(light)enment

Having to look back at my previous blog posts, I noticed that I incorporated this notion of “fear” A LOT in my posts. If fear was not mentioned explicitly, I found the way to relate it to whatever I was talking about in that specific blog post. 495 more words


Regrets, fear and the comfort zone

Have you done things in your past that you regret? I’m sure many people have. I’ve done a few stupid things, but I’m not sure if I entirely regret them. 546 more words

Family Health

Moment of Truth Monday

Settling into a new “normal” is not nearly as simple as it sounds. Am I the only one that grapples with change? I crave routine and thrive on well-laid plans, but I am experienced enough to know life is full of uncertainties. 558 more words


Who am I?

It seems like a simple question, and to the vast majority of people it would be, but when one has a dissociative disorder the answer is not so simple. 1,071 more words