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Letting Go Of Our Blindness

by Bill

When we are no longer blinded by addiction, we find ourselves open to a new world of beauty and discovery.  We notice and marvel at wonders that never before registered as worthy of our attention, from the perfection of a tiny flower at our feet to the laugh lines of a loved one.   31 more words


UpRooting a Life at 54

It’s been a long time since I blogged on This Extraordinary Life. It’s not like nothing was happening, It was I’d lost my mind and decided to change my entire life at the  age of 54. 606 more words

Social Issues

Putting The 52 List into Practice

Last year, my dearest friends Mark and Sara Baxter repatriated to Cleveland, Ohio. We’ve been part of each other’s lives for almost 13 years and been through births (their two gorgeous children) deaths (unfortunately too many loved ones) plenty of tears, but fortunately much more laughter and sunshine! 434 more words


Topic Talk: Fear of Change


*Disclaimer* I am not a doctor or Professional. This is simply from my experience with an ED, and the things and strategies that I have experienced with. 634 more words



You live your life in the dark
mist and fog hinder your sight
you life your life blindly
you wish for sight, for light, for… 118 more words


Seeing What We Want to See vs. What is Truly There

Pretending, Denial, Willful Blindness, or just plain Stupidity are all synonyms for the same thing: closing our eyes to the truth of a situation. Untold millions—probably billions—of adults do this everyday. 1,160 more words

At its core, marketing and sales is about change

As Marketers, it pays to step back and think about what we are asking our prospects to do…

Until you have a strong grasp on how your prospects are doing things today, it’s extraordinarily difficult to fully grasp the business value that you can potentially bring them. 263 more words