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Personal Growth - My Journey To Becoming A Strong Woman

I’ve always been a little reserved; the quiet shy girl who kept most of her thoughts in her head. This wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it did have its shortcomings. 767 more words


4 Effective Ways To Handling Change – Part 1

Many of us will readily admit to not liking the notion of “change,” and you can bet there are many more who will not even own they dislike change. 285 more words


One step forward

“Welcome to wherever you are”

Not been the biggest fan of Bon Jovi, but this line just encapsulates life for me. No matter where you find yourself, you are exactly where you are supposed to be and its ok.. 645 more words

Advice On Moving On

Taking back my life from the Bees

Irrational fears come in many shapes and sizes, but the fact remains the same… It’s irrational! I went out on my porch this morning and saw 3 bees flying around. 288 more words

The Politicking of the Baby Bottle

A child grasping
at the bottle in front of their faces.

This the only familiarity they’ve known
the only world they’ve been shown.

Unable yet… 32 more words


Why people are afraid to change their life ?

I often wonder why people around me are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Why they keep wondering what their life could have been if they had seize the opportunity when it was offered. 535 more words


Holding FOCUS..To change Workshop

Winter still holds possibilities…..Spring, will soon awaken the NEW Potential!!!

Since 2012…many have experience INTENSE changes. This has CREATED a clearing, allowing space for massive TRANSFORMATIONS!! 119 more words

Astrological Influences