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The Profane Philosophy

There is much ongoing speculations and investigations pertaining to the questions of who we are and why it is that we are here; everyone wonders and wants to understand: What is my purpose? 773 more words

Allow Change

Do you notice little changes that show on you immediately? Do you keep a keen eye on every change that happens around you? Do you allow modifications to happen or do you detest any transformation of any kind?  529 more words


Fears in New Relationships

Many times when we enter new relationships, we enter them with predetermined fears and reluctance. Those fears and the reluctance shape what we bring to the new connection. 446 more words



I’m scared of change. A lot. Like “slender-man is right behind you! Don’t turn around” scared. Changing a part of me scares me. When people change it annoys me and makes me wonder if what I knew about the person was a lie or a joke. 304 more words

Big Change or small change?

Recovery is about change, but there’s big change and small change. Sometimes we get them confused. For example, we may realize that our program isn’t quite going the way we’d like. 306 more words


Faculty Wife | Part 16

Spring 1973. Things are heating up. Most days I’m not on the Bible college campus. I come when I need to. Usually for social events or occasional appointments.  567 more words


The Daily Draw: The Hanged Man, Reversed

On Letting Go and Embracing the Unknown

The hanged man represents the energy, the power, the gift of being able to let go, sacrifice, embrace the unknown in the faith it will take you where you are supposed to go. 809 more words