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Staying "In The Now"

We exist only in the present, and we need to learn to live in the present.  We can’t affect the past, and we have no way of knowing what effect we may have on the future.   328 more words


Sunday School: Change

Being open to change in your life is a scary thing. It is unknown. Fear. Darkness. Sometimes, however, it is what you truly need… and what you truly want. 377 more words

Church Of Writing

Turning to Face the Strange

Sitting with a good friend who is soon to be repatriating, we zipped our way up and down the standardized questions:

Are you going back to the house you lived in before? 674 more words

From The Heart

Stop Resisting The Shift

This won’t be long because the point was halfway made in the title.

We’ve all seen what happens when something goes past its prime.
If food spoils, it’s hurled into the garbage. 246 more words

Changes vs Holding on

“The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way.” -Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius.

I knew I had to write about changes for sometime however it wasn’t until this morning when it finally came to me.-it is about beginnings and changes. 1,068 more words

Boy, 2015 sure brought a lot of change with it, huh? All that change happening so fast has a lot of people frightened and worried. I can understand that.

132 more words

When Winds Roar

I’m moving, after 36 years.  When I say I’m floored by it, I’m not just whistling Dixie.  Overwhelmed, thrown, devastated, shaken and without a doubt, stirred to my core. 434 more words