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Fear is a dream killer
Fear of failure, fear of criticism, fear of people’s thinking, fear of not doing it right
The antidote and savior of your dream is Courage… 38 more words


The Care and Feeding of Criticism

At times, we all fear criticism and give it a power it should not have. We do this by making it into some ghastly bogeyman, who we believe will murder us soundlessly in our sleep if we so much as let our guard down, even for the smallest of seconds.   1,798 more words


I am about to sleep,but I realise the presence of this disturbing feeling in my head,what’s happening,worried about what they will say even when I know they are not present physically neither do I have the slightest idea of what is in their minds,then it means there is something wrong(stupid internal suggestion). 206 more words

Fear Of Criticism

Overcoming fear

The fear of POVERTY, DEATH, CRITICISM, ILL HEALTH, OLD AGE and LOSS OF LOVE OF SOMEONE. we all have these fears or a combination of these fears on some level. 223 more words

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No Need to hide, express freely and enjoy life.

There’s no need to hide any aspect of what you do nor who you are, what the perception of others is about you bears absolutely no consequence. 533 more words


Do not be just a part of society, be a an individual.

Sometimes people are afraid of criticism becoming weaker and have no own opinion. Each person has to get that we are not immortals and should everything what can satisfy our soul….

Why did I not want to study English again?

The last time I faced an English textbook was on March 10th 2011, a day before the board exam. I enjoyed English as a subject, it was a delightful escape from the technicalities of calculus or how the market strikes equilibrium (at least theoretically). 625 more words

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