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My Name Is Hannah... and I am a Perfectionist

I would like to begin this post by telling you how long I spent on just making sure the grammar and spelling in my title was correct… yes, it took me a good five minutes rather than the twenty seconds it should have taken. 553 more words


Don't Fear Failure, Embrace It!

“He who fears being conquered is sure of defeat.” ― Napoléon Bonaparte

Failure is not final, it is a stepping stone to success.

Here are 27 quotes that can help you to overcome the fear of failure. 871 more words

Success Qualities

Dating: When Communication Styles Differ / When you want more feedback

I feel anxious & guilty for even having written this out. I don’t want “Peter” to somehow find out I have felt so conflicted about this topic (it seems so trivial and silly to me). 1,077 more words


My Greatest Fear: Failure.

If there is one thing I fear in life it is failure. Sure, I’m not too fond of heights or spiders or the dark, but the idea of failure is what consumes me when no one’s looking.   675 more words


be brave. take risks.

The biggest fear for many is the fear of failure.

There’s no harm in wanting to succeed at what you do, except for when that fear of failure prevents you from pushing yourself further than what you imagine is achievable. 87 more words


Motivation and Procrastin - ooh, shiny!

I gave a version of this blog post as a presentation at my writing class on Monday. You should have seen their little faces. I’m not sure if they were expecting something a bit more ‘inspirational’ and a bit less ‘unvarnished truth’ but they all looked a bit shell-shocked by the end of it. 744 more words

Creative Writing

Wild Swings at Opportunity and What It's Like to Land One.

When I was expecting my daughter, I wrote prolifically — mostly about the experience of first-time pregnancy and how alone I felt while I was carrying her. 2,326 more words