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Rethinking the Fear of Failure: You’re Not Failing, You’re Practicing

It’s sometimes scary to admit when we are angry or worried. Admitting we have fear seems like admitting to failure. And failure, we’ve been told, is Bad. 454 more words

New Job Vacancy: Chairman of The Bored at Fear Incorporated

Life becomes a bit too ordinary when there are no challenges. Fear makes life dull. Life becomes overwhelming when there are no challenges. Fear makes life frightening. 690 more words


January Knitting and Beading Projects

My first big knitting project is finally finished.  It was started in November and finished in January.  Why so long?  Because I had to learn new stitches, alone, without anyone next to me.  504 more words

Dog Training

Fear vs. Joy

Welcome to yet another blog platform! I’ve been getting a bit bored with blogger and wordpress seemed a little more classy and personal than tumblr, so for now I have settled with this. 1,030 more words


Open Letter to My First Child

Dear Firstborn,

I am convinced that no matter how old I am when you’re born, I will never truly be strong enough to introduce you to the world I live in. 881 more words

Coming Of Age

Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop

Some days I can’t believe my luck. Literally. I mean, here I am, after years of hard work, with an agent, and a book coming out (squee!). 450 more words


Living with Spiders

It’s not fun cleaning up a mess you’ve made.  From the hushed reprimands of our parents to the giggles of our classmates to the chiding laughter of friends, we are taught to clean up after ourselves, and implicitly avoid making messes altogether.  1,004 more words