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A reminder to stay strong

Dreams are worth chasing. 

If you’re young and you really want something, you shouldn’t give up on the chance to have it. You shouldn’t let yourself feel like you need to give up on what makes you happy. 398 more words


I'm the Nut-bar: Ergophobia, and an Update

Well, Christmas is upon us again and I’m back to being myself. Which is to say, certifiably insane.

I do a good job of hiding it, I’ve come to realize. 1,216 more words


Look how far you've come

Life is chaotic, the promotion is stressful. Less than 5 hours of sleep every day this week, but I have a guilt complex. Ha.


Sunday blues: leave your study in the office

I suffer most weeks from a gently gnawing sense of anxiety that starts usually Sunday morning when I wake up and grows steadily until Monday morning when I finally sit down at my desk again. 425 more words


Survival Guide: Fear of Failure

Have you ever not done something because you thought it wouldn’t work out anyway?

Yeah, me too.Why is that?
Human beings are not naturally risk-taking. 341 more words


Guilt and the GRE

Procrastination Nation. I haven’t even started this weeks’ reading and lecture videos. I think I procrastinate because of imposter syndrome, youmeanme told me about it. I’m afraid I’ll prove I’m actually an unintelligent fraud. 394 more words

Mental Illness