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9/3/2016: The Joy of Writing

I have forgotten the reason, or reasons, to write. I have forgotten them, or they have been displaced.

I now seek to win the tournament. Snap kick him in the neck. 510 more words


Mistaking Mistakes

I started my day off with a mistake. I went to a meeting across town from my school only to find out the meeting had been changed so there was no meeting. 434 more words


Don't Fear Failure, Unlock Your Inner Creativity, and Say Yes By Don Dodge

Don’t Fear Failure, Unlock Your Inner Creativity, and Say Yes By Don Dodge


This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences.This video was published on 3 Dec 2014 on You Tube. 3,007 more words

60 Percent Of The Impossible

Be gentle.

Double meaning.

1) It’s my first video, so be gentle.

2) That’s the point of this video. Be okay failing and love yourself afterwards. There are times where we want to do something, but we think “What if I fail?” But we don’t take the time to answer. 18 more words

Cameron Algie Anxiety

Podcast: Falling for the Illusion in Relationships: Narcissist Abuse (E12 2/4) with Dr Nicholas Jenner

Listen to how narcissists create a web of illusion to hook their victims. Learn about the stages of a narcissist relationship and why codependents find themselves so often the target.


The strength in weakness (or: Nobody's perfect)

When it comes to business, fear of failure is a severely limiting characteristic that is unfortunately all too common, especially among those new to their industry or consultancy in general. 1,182 more words


Anxiety.. My personal story

*Trigger warning: suicide, strong language.

Since the idea for my blog was based off of my worsening anxiety attacks, this will be where I address my experience with anxiety. 805 more words