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Inbox inspiration: Failing at writing and emerging from creative block

In response to my post about blogger burnout and creative block, my friend sent me an e-mail with words of encouragement.

This post takes inspiration from his words: 492 more words


Sabre Tooth Tigers, Bad. Cave, Good.

Well. What a whole lot of whining I did last night. Sorry about that. It was my frontal cortex, you see. It appears I have a very vocal frontal cortex and it takes its job very seriously. 429 more words

Going to bed a little less disappointed.

I haven’t written anything in so long. I have thought about it every day, it’s like a crush but without the butterflies. Instead, the dead hand of expectation rests heavy on me and I go to bed mourning yet another day in which I haven’t written a meaningful word. 226 more words

Laziness vs. Fear-A Love Story

I have a confession:

Living my dreams makes me depressed.

Here is the thing. Not all lack of endeavors is laziness. I would venture to say that most of it isn’t. 1,163 more words

"Feel the Fear. Do It Anyway."

You’ve probably read this phrase about fear in one form or another. The last time I came across it was in a short Fast Company article about performance under pressure… 342 more words


the future is now

This was in my inbox today. I wrote it as one of the tasks for my “101 things to do in 1001 days” list. I deleted my list after a year, so I can’t recall how many tasks I managed to complete. 358 more words


10 Signs That You're a Perfectionist and 10 Things You Can Do About It

The Signs   

1. You remember every mistake you ever made–even the time you threw the chair in kindergarten because you already knew that A is for Apple… 732 more words