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Review of “Nyctophobia” – A Novel of Summer Sunshine and Foreboding Darkness.

   Prelude to the Review

Hello there readers! Let me begin by bombarding you with some song lyrics.  And here they are –

“Maybe your mind is playing tricks.

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Friday Fictioneers: Fear of the Dark

Kerri stared down the dark, narrow alleyway. What to do?

She left the party on foot, needing to clear her head. Now tired, all she wanted was to sleep off the effects of the alcohol. 100 more words

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Creepypasta of the Week: "Bedtime"

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Previously: “Suicidemouse.avi.”

“Bedtime,” penned by Michael Whitehouse (aka Ghastly Tales), taps into something deep and primal to which a good many of us can likely relate: … 851 more words



Christy’s win over her fear! “I’m not afraid anymore!”

Written by Emma Gertony

Eight-year-old Christy is a happy child, but when night rolls around, she has many fears. 222 more words

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Alligators Don't Peep

I guess everybody has a few secret dreams. One of mine has always been to write a children’s book. I find it intriguing that  small children, as they begin to grow,  start to develop fears. 486 more words

Christer Reviews: Fear Of The Dark (1992)

After entering the 1990s with the not quite impressive No Prayer For The Dying, there is no denying the downturn in Iron Maiden’s fortunes and qualities with 1992’s… 1,022 more words

Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden Fear of the Dark tour 1992 Vampire Head

This is the Fear of the Dark tour 1992 shirt that was sold on tour and at the offical store to Iron Maiden. I have seen as both “Vampire Head” and “Skull Black” in the cataloge to Iron Maiden. I bought this used.