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Orion and the Dark

Orion and the Dark by Emma Yarlett (2015, Templar Books) is a book that is all about facing your fears and having fun along the way.  418 more words

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As a kid, I used to be afraid of the dark.

I wasn’t as vocal about it as I should’ve been but it wasn’t much of a problem under usual circumstances as a light source always shone as I drifted deeper into the depths of the duvet. 656 more words


Penumbra: Host (part one)

The playground was empty. The swings swung empty in the cold fall wind. Not a soul moved through the brightly colored playground. The first leaves of fall began to slip off of the trees and the last touch of sunset left the playground in shrouded twilight. 427 more words


Penumbra: Hider (part two)

The two ninja began to look around the room for the monster. Under the bed? Nothing. In the closet? Clothing. One ninja even leapt atop the book shelf to look behind it. 289 more words


Day 17

I have developed a fear of the dark. It’s ben three or four days since I’ve had a decent sleep and it’s starting to wear on me. 404 more words

Penumbra: Hider (part one)

The night was too quiet. The kind of eerie peaceful that sometimes falls on a place when things might be amiss. The same kind of silence when you call for someone who might be hiding, the kind that makes you question if there’s something lurking or if your paranoid. 376 more words


Fear Of The Dark - Song Of The Day

The title track from Iron Maiden‘s 9th album, “Fear Of The Dark” was the last song on the album and a live version of it was released as a single back in 1992. 22 more words

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