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The red dusk and why humanity is afraid of the dark.

It baffles me as to why you enjoy watching the dusk, because you may thrive while the Earth still basks in the sun’s incandescent glow, but the night is not for you. 254 more words


On Night Lights and Living Vicariously through my 3 Year Old

As a parent, you learn new things every day. Some you learn through research and experience, while others you just sort of stumble across by pure chance. 245 more words



There is nothing to fear
In the cemetery
If you are in shade
You become what is scary


why does everything seem worse at night?

the other night, i woke up at 3 am and couldn’t get back to sleep. my mind was whirling, stressed about the details of multiple things i have going on right now — inspections on the garage we’re currently building, laika’s recovery from her ACL injury, some banking charges that i’m disputing, the EI money i still haven’t received yet, the misfits cover band i’m trying to get off the ground, my ongoing back issues, the travel trailer i have gutted and am renovating, the logistics of a wedding and camping trip we are going to in strathcona starting this weekend, the logistics of another trip up to sointula the weekend following…i think i have a lot going on right now but i certainly don’t feel overwhelmed by it. 275 more words

Review of “Nyctophobia” – A Novel of Summer Sunshine and Foreboding Darkness.

   Prelude to the Review

Hello there readers! Let me begin by bombarding you with some song lyrics.  And here they are –

“Maybe your mind is playing tricks.

1,489 more words
Reviews Of Haunted House Fiction

Friday Fictioneers: Fear of the Dark

Kerri stared down the dark, narrow alleyway. What to do?

She left the party on foot, needing to clear her head. Now tired, all she wanted was to sleep off the effects of the alcohol. 100 more words

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Creepypasta of the Week: "Bedtime"

Previously: “Suicidemouse.avi.”

“Bedtime,” penned by Michael Whitehouse (aka Ghastly Tales), taps into something deep and primal to which a good many of us can likely relate: … 877 more words