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NYCTOPHOBIA. Or: Why Night-Time Wins So Many Gold Medals In The Pantfilling Olympics. Or: Beaaaars!!!

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I have a confession to make. I am afraid of the dark. Silly, I know. A big tough hombre like me, who can endure First Degree Paper-Cuts, Daytime TV, and Gallons Of Gibber Juice- and still not lose my marbles. 1,113 more words



Hello Friend,

I hate being scared, which is unfortunate because living with anxiety means that I am often scared. But as a kid I had much more basic fears that were a lot easier to conquer than my fear of other humans. 174 more words

Letters To You

Slop Bucket

Piggie, our pet black pot-bellied pig, has lived long enough for all of my four sons to bring him his daily slops bucket, made up of peelings from daily meal preparations and unwanted meal leftovers.   381 more words


Eyes in the dark.

Something was there that evening. It was well into darkness as we continued to fish the pond. I had gone round the backside of the pond to access a producing area not reachable where I was at the moment. 499 more words


Afraid of the Dark

Who, at one point in their life, hasn’t been afraid of the dark? I still am depending on where I happen to be when lights go out. 606 more words

George in the Dark by Madeline Valentine

I swear, every child is afraid of the dark at some point. I remember starting to  read to my 2nd grade students (years ago now) a book on that very topic. 270 more words

Up To Seven

Still Scared of the Dark?

Scared of the dark. That’s a funny expression if you think about it. It’s not that we are scared of the dark but of what might be hidden in that darkness. 415 more words