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When author asides don't work

One of the great things about being an adult reading children’s books to children is seeing their reaction to the stories they hear. It’s something of a paradox that most people who write or draw for children are grown-up – this discrepancy between ages doesn’t tend to happen, to my knowledge, in other areas of fiction – and it’s a topic that we touched upon at times in my MA in Children’s Literature. 547 more words

General And Welcome

A Word About Daddy

I was only three
when I awakened him to announce

Daddy, I’m afraid of the dark”
Mom stayed asleep. It was 2:00 a.m.

Oh honey, let’s go see… 85 more words


Of Gods and Monsters

Of Gods and Monsters ~ Saturday Nightmirrors

Humanity is a tenacious creature. All that he sees he ultimately masters. Cities rise and fall only to be replaced by more magnificent skylines, the mysteries of nature are unraveled through technology and mathematics, and even the constraints of gravity have not held Him earthbound. 1,356 more words


Out of the Darkness

(Matthew 4:12-22)

When we proclaim our profession of faith, we say:

‘We believe on One God. . .  God from God, Light from Light’. . . 1,302 more words


Orion and the Dark Calm Down Jars

At some point or other, all toddlers seem to battle a fear of the dark or monsters. Around the time that my oldest turned 2 1/2, he was waking up from nightmares which can be heartbreaking as a parent. 536 more words