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Conquered Fear?

I’m coming to terms with so many things in my life, at least I think I am. I mean I’m putting more of an effort in speaking my mind and stand up for myself and just recognizing things in general. 145 more words



On some days, I don’t get out of my bed. I sit and stare at the ceiling, sometimes outside a window if there is a window to look outside. 400 more words


Drange Sport, the Dangerous

Mackerel wins, 80-1!

The announcer’s tinny cry filtered over the crowds of tin foil hats, and clothes and undies.

This was baseball-whack-a-mole, in 17,790.

The pitcher wound up, balancing a giant beaver on his head. 150 more words


Raindrops on head

Understand fear origin fulfilling pants mat
totally, completely one fair paper towel
intelligent exciting free comparing mechanical
watercolors inwardly conforming imitation of Christ
movement conscious deeply rooted never scared… 118 more words

That LINGERING Second.

I once again drove a few places today,

That’d be part of what I do at work,

Yet – I do a lot of things as fast as I can, 810 more words


52 Bible Verses for a Joy Filled Year - Week 30

(Author’s Note: It is Monday 7/17 as I write finalize this post. The day this post goes live, an event will have already happened. I am attempting to keep a positive mind set about what the future holds, but given all the false reassurance from people over the past few years, I am nervous. 279 more words


“I fear that I am just an end.”

How do i know that anyone cares?.. A question i ask myself daily, are we supposed to simply have faith in the words another person says? 114 more words