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Little Big Town Girl

It’s my senior year of college, and I’ve been a little meanie taking delight in asking friends, “So, do you feel like a senior?” more than I’ve been asked by far. 447 more words


The Dangers of Comfort

Snuggling up on a stormy night watching Netflix and drinking hot chocolate. Hanging out with your best friends as you do every weekend and laughing till your abs hurt. 675 more words

SelfLove365, Year 2, Day 246: Drop In and Feel the Fear

I am scared about tomorrow and avoiding the fear. Ironically, what I am most scared of is that I will block out all my feelings and turn into a brick wall, incapable of feeling anything, completely shut off from my body. 34 more words


no one leaves home

no one leaves home unlesshome is the mouth of a shark

you only run for the border

when you see the whole city running as well… 430 more words

Too much - even for an introvert.

Man, yesterday was a hard day for me.

I was feeling really nice the day before. I had spent a good, long, relaxing day to myself…. 1,060 more words

Eating Disorder

What do we really feel by being in Control......

When we use control, to make our self  look or feel taller, (this is how it goes) I have no real reason to to complain about you or the work that you do so let me assure you that I’m still in control.(huh) After allowing you to listen to a radio for over three years, I come to remind you that this is a privilege that I’m, allow you to have. 228 more words

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