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Inevitable Success - the reason I coach.

“What is success?” the man leading the seminar asked brightly, wanting some audience participation. I put up my hand, and along with several other participants, gave my answer. 551 more words

4 Tips for Overcoming Anxiety

Can I let you guys in on a little secret? I’ve mentioned it here a few times in passing but never really am too open with it. 516 more words


Before My Suicide Attempt

Here I am. Once again. Same god damn situation and same idiotic response. You would have thought I’d have learned by now. I dont even have any excuses this time. 327 more words

Mental Illness

Que Sera, Sera

Standing outside of the karate studio, watching my niece’s belt test, after SonHerisme’s belt test, the thoughts that flew through my mind:

 If MrexH were to show up here and threaten to make a violent scene if I did not get into the car right then with him, what would I do? 601 more words

Potent Power - #FreeVerse #Poetry

Like a Pallet of Paint to Bedeck a barren canvas with Depths otherwise Unknown,
Stand Ready to unmask me.
Call I then upon their Potent Power to Speak for me in Tongues… 439 more words


Releasing anger

I think today is a good day to address feelings of anger.

Anger is the only emotion I have a hard time processing. As an individual who has spent most of her life avoiding anger, what doe sone do when they find themselves in an unavoidable situation that lingers. 575 more words