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#fromwhereIsit with FEAR Part 1

I’ve traveled to New York City via Amtrak half a dozen times in the past year. My first experience left me thinking, “I love this so much more than flying.” As much as I enjoy the travel portion of my career, I look forward to flying about as much as I would a root canal sans anesthesia. 426 more words


90 Day Challenge: Day 26 – The Courage To Change

It is not the lack of courage but the fear of whatever you have allowed to take over your mind that has prevented you from taking action. 394 more words


Starve the Beast (Friday Fictioneers)

When little Tess had nightmares, her mother always soothed her. Mother would say, “Monsters feed on fear.  Starve the beast and it will be powerless.” 151 more words


For me, social anxiety is when....

Social anxiety is when I have to order my food at a restaurant and repeat what I’m going to say to the person over and over again in my head until it’s my turn, hoping I don’t mess up then question myself for hours whether I sounded stupid or stuttered at all while ordering. 633 more words

Evangelism joy...

This Monday our parish walked in our local Memorial Day Parade.  I did a lot of cajoling to get our parishioners out among the community that day.  282 more words

Sermon – Acts 2.1-21, PT, YB, May 24, 2015

There is something quite comforting about coming into the doors of a church.  There is a peace that comes over us when we enter the doors.  1,576 more words

The Color Salmon and My Crippling Anxiety

I had an interesting encounter the other day that I thought was worth sharing. I was treating myself to a well-deserved graduation ceremonial manicure and pedicure at a local salon that never fails to provide as much spectator entertainment as they do shades of red nail-polish. 844 more words