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I Asked

It seems the dark
has welcomed
me back into 
it's comforable folds

clingling tightly
like a noose
binding me

trying to sap
the last vestiges
of hope

but with tears
in my heart
and a shudder 
in my voice

I managed to ask 
for help again.

Bad Mom

Sometimes I believe that I’m a bad mom. There it is, I said it. Most of the time, this lie has so much strength in my life that I let it dictate my day-to-day decisions. 590 more words

A Flower's Example

How to follow the example of flowers, trees, and snakes and let our petals, leaves, and skin fall away when it’s time, rather than cling to all that no longer serves? 309 more words

A brilliant new resource for empaths.

As empaths we need all the resources and knowledge at our disposal to stay healthy and learn about the dynamics of emotions and energy exchange, that is why I was so pleased to come across the new book by medical doctor and empathic wise woman Christine Northrup : … 691 more words


Finding Faith

Faith is hard. Very hard and at times impossible, especially when life is going really well. Having faith is easy when it drops you to your knees, but when life is going good we forget to stay plugged in to the good Lord. 426 more words


Trusting God, finding home

Our little condo sold before we had found another place to live. While we were able to make temporary living arrangements and borrow a car, the resulting nomadic and uncertain lifestyle felt deeply unsettling to me. 323 more words


Suggestions on Handling Fear


Have you noticed a surge in articles about fear lately? How fear can paralyze you. How fear can make you do irrational things, how it can manipulate you into making decisions that you wouldn’t usually make? 557 more words

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