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My Uterus Gone Awry

I recently missed three menstrual cycles. They were absent, but I also missed them.
I honestly longed for that which can torment, because I’m familiar with this cycle. 593 more words


Sleep Study #2, Complete.

Last Thursday, I did my first overnight sleep study at the local hospital to check my general quality of sleep. The results came back with some scary numbers to look at. 390 more words

Fear and courage

Why should going to the supermarket need courage?

I am in my best ever state of self-acceptance; femininity is OK. I am still entrapped by fear of the world and despair. 615 more words

Being Human

Food For The Soul

Hi All!

The most beautiful thing I can think of to share with the world is my soul.  Here’s why it’s so challenging:

When I write, I am sharing the deepest part of me. 111 more words

Chapter 7: The Fear

When I was a sophomore in high school, I took a class about social justice which impelled me to sign up for a cultural immersion trip to Honduras.   1,082 more words


Pidgin English does not define me or my identity

I found it strange to walk on the University of Buea campus some years ago and see signs discouraging Pidgin English, because that was an obvious waste. 1,009 more words


“If you live everyday, with the capacity to stretch yourself past limitation and structure, you will find boundless opportunity is all the places that once scared you.” ― Nikki Rowe