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I shared a lot tonight.  It almost scares me, because it was open honesty about something that has never been open to the public, something about which I had been for so long ashamed… yet part of me, now, wants to go ahead and share it openly, not anonymously, with the world.  

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INKSTAIN | Carrie Walsh depicts an uneasy, thrilling, push-pull relationship between two young lovers.

by Carrie Walsh

our lips stained
with the ink of
red wine betray us
as we unspool our
earthen secrets
how the boring blue of… 302 more words


there's some shit ...

some deep old shit .. happening in my vicinity atm.

& from what i’ve gathered from my peeps, this is a thang that came with the dawning of 2019. 228 more words


Let me love you

Note: This post was day 15 of a 21 day self-love challenge that asked me to validate one thing each day that I loved about myself. 233 more words

Believe In Your Sacred

Black Saturday

The Saturday between Good Friday and Easter can be spent in a frenzy of activity, scrambling to buy jelly beans and chocolate bunnies, baking hams and pies, scrubbing bathrooms, and laying perfect dinner tables. 261 more words

Reflections On Life