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Creature and the Human

Let’s skip over to the last part of Gulliver’s last travel to the Houyhnhnms island. In part four, chapter twelve of Gulliver’s Travels, before Gulliver returns to England; he clearly expresses, that he is pretty upset to be leaving the Houyhnhnms island; he expresses resentment to the fact that he has to go back to “the sight of human creatures” (380). 355 more words

Satirizing The Enlightenment (2/20-2/24)

Day 59: Seeking First His Kingdom (61 days of worry-free devotions)

If you’re interested in what Jesus said about the end times, Luke chapter 21 is a good place to look. I’m not going to write it all here, only the end of it. 352 more words

in the grip of pain

it’s 1 am, I am sleepy like I should be, but my bladder isn’t. He wants to play. It’s a sadistic, evil play. I don’t like that play at all – I feel like I am being bullied, tortured, and threatened. 277 more words

Chronic Pain

The Prisoner, Chapter 1

Here’s the first chapter of the short story I am trying to write, The Prisoner. I hope you like it, I’ll try to have the next chapter posted within a month. 520 more words


It’s (Just) an Experiment

Failure has a strange power.  It can provide the most effective lessons in life.  And yet it’s also a source of fear, anxiety, stress, and a reason many choose not to try. 214 more words


Here Comes The Truth


I always tell my clients that honesty is at such a premium in this world that being a truth teller is a skill worth developing. 1,080 more words