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Both been hurt by love before
Both found love in each other’s souls
Both afraid to be hurt again
Both try to hide any pain… 12 more words


Storm Damage

rain scours intaglio sorrows

wind speaks nameless fears

lightning burns bereft hearts

thunder cracks open doom

From my book Pieces of Wine 8 more words



Fear has two swords

to my every one.

No wonder! I never

win the battle

with it.

Not right away


I would like it- 74 more words

Be Sleeping Like A Log

sleeping on a queen size bed that’s paid off. I’m using a laptop that’s paid for. They are mine! Good sleeping.

I had the worries of losing my stuff. 193 more words

Solitary People ~ Lonely Beaches

With no compass you cannot tell who the enemy is.

Are you lonely tonight?

Are you sad because you’re on your own?

There was a time when I lived the life of a celibate solitary recluse.  460 more words


I Wonder

Is it worth starting a relationship knowing that it is going to end?

I have asked myself this question many times and I always come to a different conclusion.

616 more words

From Death's other kingdom.

Last month I had a call,

From Death’s other kingdom,

He told me to watch my cholesterol,

Or my time would be none.

Last week I was called again, 45 more words