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Fearless Friday, Watercolor & ink

The hardest part of painting for me is editing what I see

Food fascinates me not only because I love to cook, but because of all the magical colors and textures… 261 more words

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Fearless Friday, Peach Pie

Okay, since it’s been all about peaches this week on the Painted Apron, you probably saw this coming…

A peach painting~

Peaches are fascinating to me because if you look closely you can see many different colors in their skins… 291 more words


Fearless Friday, Firecrackers!

Here’s a fun design that anyone can do, easy peasy!

Start with a color sketch of what you want to paint, either your own sketch or an inspiration photo… 331 more words

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Focus on Overcoming Obstacles

To become the best…

You must purge all fear…

You must remove all anger….

You must become fearless….

In the sight of all of your opponents… 28 more words


Fearless Friday, Breaking Waves

I posted a tutorial about this painting 2 years ago, long before Fearless Friday was born

I have had a very busy end of May, and sadly haven’t touched my paint brushes or pens, but I hope to make up for it in the next few weeks… 399 more words

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Fearless Friday, Summer Sand Dollar Flag

Not much time for painting this week because I have been hauling tableware, baking cakes, harvesting pineapples, making signs & menus,

lounging in the South Pacific… 258 more words

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My Dream Wedding

There’s really nothing scarier in life than revealing your innermost desires for your “Big Day.” Sure, I could share you a Pinterest Board of everything I want, but what fun would that be? 1,145 more words

Fearless Friday