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Weight Gain

Happy Fearless Friday everyone! This weekend the fear I’ll be facing is a hamburger at Mooyah’s so I am just knocking out another fear food this week! 1,033 more words

Fearless Fridays

Happy Friday, people!

It’s my favorite day of the week, and I’m in my favorite spot, sipping my favorite specialty coffee (a venti flat white. SO good). 282 more words

#FearlessFriday: You Simply Must

It’s simple: to overcome your fear(s), you must do the very thing(s) you fear the most, and the death of those fears will be absolutely certain. 24 more words

Word Play

Fearless Fridays: How to Use and Re-Use Your Vanilla Beans

This weekend you may come across a recipe that calls for a vanilla bean. Vanilla beans nowadays seem to be more common in cookbook recipes or as an ingredient in your favourite baked good. 396 more words


An Update on Eating

Happy Fearless Friday everyone! I just wanted to send an update on the challenge I did earlier this week. Contacting my dietitian was honestly one of the most scary things I had to do this week. 637 more words

Pope Francis and "Amoris Laetitia"

Didn’t expect myself to be choosing a Pope for Fearless Friday but here we are… As a disclaimer, my knowledge of the Catholic religion and structure of leadership is minimal. 705 more words

Fearless Friday

"Living" Pounds

Fearless Friday has already begun and early this morning too! Rather than having my usual breakfast, I challenged myself to one of my last few fear foods; a donut. 521 more words