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#6 Fearless Friday

This is how I would recap my week – but coffee, great friends and LOTS of books also helps☺️📚☕️
So yell “Plot twist” and keep on figthing for your dreams!

Fearless Friday

#5 Fearless Friday - 10,000 hours vs. Fake it till you make it vs. The first 20 hours

Here’s my story on reaching my goals. I hope this inspires you to never settle.

Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 Hours of Practice
When I read Outliers… 888 more words


Fearless Friday 6.12.2015 (The Bawse Follower)

It takes courage to follow.

Everybody knows that it’s great to be a leader. We applaud leaders for their vision and courage, but like Derek Sivers talks about in the TED talk below, starting a movement is really about the first follower. 232 more words

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FEARLESS FRIDAYS| Stop Caring What Others Think

One of the biggest inhibitors to living a life of purpose and passion is worrying too much what others will think and letting that fear affect your choices. 574 more words


Fearless Friday 6.5.15 (Being About It)

I’m declaring this summer to be the summer of “not just talking about it, but being about it.” Not to be confused with being “bout it bout it” … 465 more words

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Fearless Friday 5.29.15

Happy Fearless Friday Loves!

I will just leave you all with a quote to ponder as you wrap up your fearless week…

This week I’ve been reflecting on the incredible feeling of power that comes when we truly don’t need other people to validate our choices.

64 more words

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Fearless Friday - Smartphone Photography Apps

Just for something a little different, in celebration of my new smart phone (it’s so nice to have a non cracked screen and buttons that all work again), I have been playing with my lovely 20.7 mega pixel camera, one of the features that drew me to this phone. 525 more words