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#FearlessFriday 9

Have faith.

In fridays. Coffee. Books. Great friends and collagues.

Keep on being brave and being you. You don’t always have to search😉

Be Brave

#FearlessFriday 8

Be yourself. Stay true to your own values.

You can listen and be openmined towards others but don’t change your dreams and ideas because some don’t like them. 52 more words

Be Brave

#FearlessFriday 7

You will get there. But remember you have to make an effort.

I’ve had time to think about my path and I am determined to grow. 31 more words

Be Brave

#6 Fearless Friday

This is how I would recap my week – but coffee, great friends and LOTS of books also helps☺️📚☕️
So yell “Plot twist” and keep on figthing for your dreams!

Be Brave

#5 Fearless Friday - 10,000 hours vs. Fake it till you make it vs. The first 20 hours

Here’s my story on reaching my goals. I hope this inspires you to never settle.

Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 Hours of Practice
When I read Outliers… 888 more words

Be Brave

Fearless Friday 6.12.2015 (The Bawse Follower)

It takes courage to follow.

Everybody knows that it’s great to be a leader. We applaud leaders for their vision and courage, but like Derek Sivers talks about in the TED talk below, starting a movement is really about the first follower. 232 more words

Black Women