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Fearless Humility

Character has been described as who we are when you get to the core. Who you are affects what you do. This is why all great leadership is built on character. 611 more words

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Dealing with Life Beyond the Election

Now that the dust has settled on the most recent presidential election it is time to get on with our lives.  This country as many of you are beginning to realize is in a very delicate period of our Republic’s history.   568 more words

The Next America Discussion

The New Energy Century!

Well now that gas is back to almost $4.00 per gallon across the country, I wonder how long it will take for energy costs to take front and center stage in our nation’s conscience.   514 more words

The Next America Discussion

Fearless Leadership

I’ve talked about loving my job, don’t worry I’m not going into that again, but I do feel lucky to have finally found a place, colleagues and responsibilities that allow me to thrive. 348 more words