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Dreams Are Due

As I close my eyes, my powers that be
I leave to you
Live life free and run the fields
The sun is yours, your earn everyday… 45 more words


Heal Your Mind and Soul, Thinking Positive for a Happier and Healthier You

Do you want to live a happier and healthier life? Do you want to wake up and see the world full of optimism, but find it hard to redirect your thoughts in a more positive outlook? 569 more words

Clutter-free Mind

Escaping The Silent Wave Of Anxiety and Struggles With People


Fell into bed, tired as could be

not from back-breaking work

but my Aspergian brain, you see

as an introvert, people tire me

and as courteous as I try to be… 186 more words



I’ve had this light pink stuffed teddy bear since I was a baby. It was given to me by my brother and sister. I loved this bear so much that as a baby I’d teeth and drool on its black plastic eyes and pink plastic snoot. 971 more words


The Goal versus The End result

Fear = Doubt

It has been almost more than three weeks now. I got stuck again. I went into my corner of fear/doubt/negativity/disbelief

A corner I often visits, a corner I sometimes want to stay in for as long as I want to, knowing it is slowly damaging my inner self. 360 more words



I woke up early this morning so I could write this before work…the details tend to get hazy sometimes as the day goes on so…here it is…breakup… 252 more words

Halves of Me...

Half of me still hold my back,

Half of me still wonder…

Half of me try to survive,

Half of me quietly surrender…

Half of me looks forward and wait, 101 more words