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Actual Healthy Pancakes - Tried, tested and STRONGLY APPROVED!

Yes, these deliciously yummy pancakes are actually healthy!!

As a pancake lover (lover is probably an understatement) I was pretty skeptical about how these would turn out… How can pancakes that taste like pancakes actually be healthy? 94 more words


Happy Healthy New Year! 2015 is the year!

Firstly… Happy new year everyone!

I am very sorry to have not blogged in a while, I’ve been very busy over the festive period, but I hope you all had wonderful times! 133 more words


We've relocated!

We’ve managed to snag some paid hosting! Come visit us at feedthecravings.com! Find more yum yums there to feast your eyes on! ;)

Feast Your Eyes

My Mr Right!

According to Singapore law, my single days are over! Yes, you read that right!

As of 22nd June 2014, I am legally married to my other half, my Mr Right, Deva Kumar! 100 more words

Feast Your Eyes

Growing Up & My Family

Family, Always there for you to encourage you, laugh with you and at times at you!

My Producer & Co-Producer

The All Rounder Elder Brother… 44 more words

Feast Your Eyes

Sawadee Ka

Same lens, different beauty!

A county with fascinating history, unique culture and spicy food…

Old School Train Ride

School students who boarded the train mid way… 42 more words

Feast Your Eyes

Down Under in Melbourne!

My love for travelling and photography expressed in pictures…

One of the Stops Along The Great Ocean Road, Australia

The Belly of Melbourne

Rural Beauty, Outskirts of Melbourne… 46 more words

Feast Your Eyes