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5 Recipes for Grilled Cheese Day

– Alyson Weber

What’s better than two pieces of buttery toast stuffed with gooey cheese? The correct answer is nothing. This momentous occasion calls for epic grilled cheese sandwich making. 183 more words


14 Tattoos Every Foodie Needs in Their Life

– Megan Falk

While the guy from Tinder you’ve been seeing since last Friday may not last, your favorite snacks will always offer support. In times of emotional stress, a quart of triple chocolate fudge ice cream was there to lift your spirits, and when you drank a little too much at your sorority’s formal, a large pizza was there to soothe your cravings. 364 more words


5 Passover-Friendly Recipes

– Amy Schwartz

After long hours of Passover seder, the food that comes next should be amazing. Make sure to please your dinner table with these Passover recipes that are a whole lot more than boring matzoh! 100 more words


12 Recipes for National Caramel Day

– Katie Czerwinski

Today is National Caramel Day, a country-wide celebration of a topping that’s sometimes salty, sometimes sweet, and always delicious. It pairs with just about anything—apples, popcorn, brownies, and even espresso—making it the perfect addition to your next dessert. 124 more words


6 Foods You Didn’t Know You Could Waffle

– Katie Czerwinski

Waffle irons can be pretty misleading – after all, the name itself says “waffle.” Besides making waffles, waffle irons can be used to make a variety of different dishes, ranging from sweet to savory, breakfast to dinner. 388 more words


The Clean-Eating Bread That Will Change Your Life

– Ellen Greene

We’ve all heard the golden rule of dieting that to lose weight you have to cut out bread completely. To the joy of many of us us carb lovers, there might be a compromise to be found. 220 more words


Cookie Dough Craze

– Claire Mackman

Raw edible cookie dough is taking the food world by storm. The combinations of homemade tasty creations and unbaked cookie dough restaurants have gained impressive attention by consumers. 543 more words