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Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving! Remember to recognize the positives and the blessings in your life.

Enjoy your feasts, your gatherings, and your traditions.  And please remember to give thanks to those who help us in many ways. 29 more words


"Honor Dionysus as a Doctor": Living and Drinking

From Athenaeus’ Deipnosophists (1.41.16-36)

“Mnestheus of Athens also insists that the Pythia commanded the Athenians to honor Dionysus as a doctor. So Alcaeus the Mitylenaean poet says: 133 more words


Thanksgiving Traditions

I don’t really have a tradition; only that sometimes a turkey sits ON the table and other times it sits AT the table. We’ll find out which one will happen this year. 636 more words


How do you measure success?

Is it by monetary and material wealth?

Or is I by service and spiritual faithfulness?

How do you measure poverty? 69 more words

The Thanksgiving Proclamations

For your Thanksgiving Celebrations.

O give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; for his steadfast love endures for ever! 1Chr. 16:34 

Inasmuch as the great Father has given us this year an abundant harvest of Indian corn, wheat, peas, beans, squashes, and garden vegetables, and has made the forests to abound with game and the sea with fish and clams, and inasmuch as he has protected us from the ravages of the savages, has spared us from pestilence and disease, has granted us freedom to worship God according to the dictates of our own conscience.

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The Co-opting of Thanksgiving

American Thanksgiving (celebrated this coming Thursday, Nov 26) is a civil holiday with vaguely religious roots. Over the decades churches have co-opted it and turned it into a major holy day (for Evangelicals, at least). 131 more words


Cracking Up

I’ve heard that using egg as a face mask is cleansing.  I’ve also heard that washing one’s hair with egg gives it shine.  And for a cheap yet firm-holding hair product, simply crack open an egg, use the whites to create hurricane-force defying hair creations. 226 more words