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Great White North

Could Maritime Canada be the next hot spot for a rebounding white shark population? 2,301 more words

Feature Post

WWW Wednesday {19 July, 2017}

I’m going to try and keep writing some of these themed blogs as often and when I can, especially this one as I am starting to enjoy writing each one every week. 579 more words


Review: Westside - Season Three Episode 1

Holy Moley!! A third season and it just keeps getting a whole lot better! Sadly I couldn’t write this right after I saw it, as it had not actually aired on TV yet, and I also had a few night shifts with work, but now I have a moment or two to get my thoughts of it in order and not completely fan-girl out. 600 more words


Review: Asylum

Finding something enjoyable to read that peaks my interest regarding research does not happen all that often. And this read, certainly did, or at least brought back my interest in old buildings that I use to see when I lived in Auckland. 419 more words


Review: Blood Promise

Of all the books I have read so far in this series, this one both annoyed me, and enthralled me at the same time. One of the few reasons I keep reading this series is due to how it will end, since the film versions did not take off as well as initially hoped. 472 more words