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My Hair is Loc'd.

My hair is loc’d. Some may call my hair unique and others may say it is rebellious, but from my view it is simply just hair. 619 more words

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How Science Changed Our World.

Through Science our world changed from analogs (Old Age) to digitals and high technology machines and devices.

“Science knows no country, because knowledge belongs to humanity, and is the torch which illuminates the world.

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The OCD Person's Book Tag

The OCD Person’s Book Tag

I have had a couple of fun book tags cross my radar over the last couple of weeks, so I thought I’d do the one that looked the most insightful. 1,977 more words


If you want to know why Black Lives Matter, Google It

I will not have conversations about Black Lives Matter with individuals who are not Black. I honestly do not see a need to do so because they cannot possibly understand how it feels to be Black in America. 486 more words

Life & Wellness.

The Social Media and its Advantages.

Now a days, social media is the number one site that people visits. Based on the 2016 survey conducted by Statista there are almost 2.37 Billion Social Media… 274 more words

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iOS 10 and iPhone 7: Does Apple Really Love Us?

iOS 10 released on September 13 and according to Apple it was the “biggest iOS release ever.” Many of the iPhone features were enhanced and Fieldguide.com has identified  565 more words

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How to Detect and Terminate Harmful Viruses that Destroys Computer and Steals Information.

We all know that virus is very harmful to our computers. In today’s world, there are hundreds of virus spreading around the web, documents and devices. 309 more words

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