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Here I am. Falling again.

A beautiful featured post by Katie Wilhelm

You would think I’d know better,
think I’d stay away this time,
after the tsunami of tears, 234 more words


Shopping Safely with Food Allergies

To finish off my birthday week, my family and I visited North Carolina yesterday to get away from the heat and have some fun. We visited a beautiful waterfall and had a GREAT time at a gem mine. 442 more words

Feature Posts

How To Spot A Heart Breaker

A heart breaker is very well aware s/he is a heart breaker. In fact, s/he knows it too well yet s/he pretends s/he doesn’t.

A heart breaker could be that cute guy or that tiny little girl in your history class. 223 more words


I Can Wait Forever

Another day without you with me is like a blade that cuts right through me…but I can wait. I can wait forever.

I saw him first in a photograph that my best friend sent me.

553 more words

A Year later

A beautiful featured post by Katie Wilhelm

I’ve been writing about you for over a year now. I haven’t seen you in that long so I guess my way of keeping you alive is through writing about you. 813 more words


I am letting you go

Shared by Diana Georgia

I have always found it very difficult to let go of things and people. At 23, I still find it very difficult to determine what I want. 669 more words


Diana reblogged this on Toasts and Teas: Twists and Turns and commented:

"I hope that one day you will be able to forgive me. I hope that one day you find someone who will give you everything you need and want. I know one day that will come…and it is sad to know that I won’t be a part of that day." Not anymore.

Travel Report: Myrtle Beach and the Grand Strand

My husband and I recently vacationed at Pawley’s Island, South Carolina. Pawley’s Island is below Myrtle Beach and part of South Carolina’s Grand Strand. Even if you have never visited South Carolina’s beaches, you probably know that these beaches are some of the most highly rated in the world. 316 more words

Feature Posts