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One Day Dream

My dreams are always comprised of you every night, but among the other dreams I have of you, last night is one of my favorites. You were standing on my front porch with a bouquet of my favorite flowers. 558 more words


Are You Getting Correct Food Allergy Info From Social Media?

During my time as an AllerCoach, I have seen a lot of incorrect information out there on social media sites. I think a lot of users believe that because a board is by invitation only or a “closed” board, it somehow makes the information more reliable. 327 more words

Feature Posts

Tackling the TBR [4]: August 2015!

I don’t think I’ve ever met a book lover who didn’t have an endless TBR. There are just so many amazing books out there! And we all have different ways that we like to work our way through the ever-growing pile. 638 more words


Here I am. Falling again.

A beautiful featured post by Katie Wilhelm

You would think I’d know better,
think I’d stay away this time,
after the tsunami of tears, 234 more words


Shopping Safely with Food Allergies

To finish off my birthday week, my family and I visited North Carolina yesterday to get away from the heat and have some fun. We visited a beautiful waterfall and had a GREAT time at a gem mine. 442 more words

Feature Posts

How To Spot A Heart Breaker

A heart breaker is very well aware s/he is a heart breaker. In fact, s/he knows it too well yet s/he pretends s/he doesn’t.

A heart breaker could be that cute guy or that tiny little girl in your history class. 224 more words


I Can Wait Forever

Another day without you with me is like a blade that cuts right through me…but I can wait. I can wait forever.

I saw him first in a photograph that my best friend sent me.

556 more words