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Finding Hope in the Hopeless

A beautiful feature post by Single Strides.

You make a certain plan for your life. You make it based off of love. It feeds off of the reason behind your smile and the bounce to your every step. 797 more words


My One Year "Soyversary" Is Here!

To kick off the celebration of my “soyversary,” I am publishing before and after photos and more about my story throughout the coming weeks. I have had food allergies for years, but the discovery of my soy allergy on February 23, 2014 changed my life in ways that are nothing short of a miracle. 223 more words

Soy Allergy

Whisky for breakfast -- the Yoichi Distillery

I mentioned in my last post that I’ve taken up drinking as a new hobby. Let me explain.

For Christmas a friend sent me the book The 12 Bottle Bar. 530 more words


Let's Talk about Sex (Part 2)

Shared by our Featured Writer, zombiedrew2

My last entry talked about sex and the benefits it has for relationships. A common problem couples run into is differing sex drives, which fluctuate over time. 2,353 more words


Let's Talk about Sex (Part 1)

Shared by our Featured Writer, zombiedrew2

Sex is often THE big elephant in the room when it comes to long term relationships. It’s something that is in reality a very small part of a relationship (at least in terms of time spent), but it’s importance to the relationship bond cannot be overstated. 1,547 more words


Have you ever wished you could start life over again?

Maybe you just need a different perspective. Every day is unique, and fleeting.