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Is McDonalds Changing?

“McDonalds is changing!” that is the recent word on the street anyway.  Changing how?  Well, let’s review what the company has come to be known for, they sell food that is: cheap, plentiful, and not the healthiest usually but sure is delicious! 301 more words


New Dragon Ball Series Coming This Summer

Get ready for a whole new generation of kids doing Kamehameha’s on each other in the school yard. Dragon Ball is back with a new series, the first since the end of “Dragon Ball GT” in 1997. 265 more words


"Gearin' up for Desert Daze" w/ Kim and The Created

Garage rawkers Kim and The Created will perform at the 4th annual Desert Daze on May 2nd…

…so Free Bike Valet and MINIVAN Photography recently met up with frontwoman Kim House at… 465 more words

Minivan Photography

A Tribute to Lillie


After teaching at Waring for four school years, the time has come for Lillie to pursue her passion of film scoring on a professional level. 498 more words


Memory vs. Storage


If you have ever looked at the specifications of a computer, whether you were hoping to buy a new one, or just curious about the speed of your own laptop, you’ve almost certainly seen just how many numbers there are. 811 more words


A Tribute to Monty


After three years of working at Waring, Monty is leaving us. We will all miss her so much, for she touched and influenced so many people in the Waring community. 303 more words


Favoritism at Waring


Last year I gave up. I am the first to admit it. Upon entering a school year that arguably could be the most important, I came in ready to do nothing. 910 more words