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Travel Highlights- Exhibition Road

‘Museum Row’ is dubbed so because of its abundance of museums, however Exhibition Road also has a number of scientific and academic institutions lining it. Amongst the most popular on this road are The Victoria and Albert Museum (read about our recent visit here), The National History Museum, the Science Museum, and the Royal Albert Hall. 151 more words


FEATURE: The rise of the alternative East London drag scene

Halfway between the glitzy metropolis of Shoreditch and the cool but distinctly grimy environs of Dalston lies a Motown-playing, lip-sync-judging mecca – The Glory. And it is here on a Wednesday night, that Amazonian figures cut through throngs of spectators, towering high in six-inch stilettos, moustaches and weaves, towards a glittering stage where they try and lip-sync their way to a £1000. 1,359 more words


'The Plate Review - Chapati and Karak'

Chapati & Karak

Comfortably nestled in a row of restaurants on Brompton Road sits the newest import from the Gulf; Chapati and Karak. Straight from the Qatari capital of Doha, this franchise offers a homely Arab classic in an authentic and luxury setting.  383 more words


Sixty-seconds with... Meem Alessa

Modest fashion is an industry that has expanded at an unprecedented speed and volume in recent years. With social media facilitating the ease of sharing inspiration and gaining influence, many fashionistas with a modest outlook have struck gold by having a unique idea or style with which to bring to the table. 1,636 more words


Sixty Seconds with... Sally Omo

“Simplicity is the key note to all elegance”. This is the classical line attributed to Coco Chanel that frames Sally’s fashion blog. The opening is perfectly reflective of her style which in essence is refined simplicity. 1,111 more words

Sixty Seconds

Expert Advice: How can I get rid of body odor naturally? by Vicky Uhland

A dermatologist says: When the bacteria that grow naturally on your skin mix with sweat, the result is body odor. To smell fresh, you need to keep your skin dry and decrease bacteria on the parts of your body that trap moisture, such as the underarms. 360 more words

Body Odour