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Fondness is phony

it implies an emotion

as brief as seeing

a cute puppet, awww look!

half an hour later, what?

after Christmas, go unwanted… 170 more words

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What Happens When Students Are Disciplined With Meditation Instead of Detention

By Alexa Erickson, Collective Evolution

The way we’ve been punishing children has changed dramatically throughout history.

Many years ago, corporal punishment was supported. Teachers hung a paddle on the classroom wall to use when students misbehaved. 858 more words

A New Paradigm

5 Things You Can Do To Help Save The Bees

By Whitney Webb, Natural Blaze

The bees are disappearing! People have been hearing this for years now, but has it really sunk in? Bees, the most important pollinators in most agroecosystems, are dying at an incredibly fast pace due to “colony collapse disorder.” However, colony collapse disorder isn’t a disorder at all – it refers to the abandonment of bee hives by the bees themselves. 855 more words

A New Paradigm

US to deploy new nukes in Europe - Moscow expresses 'concern'

FORT RUSS – “NATO members are continuing to expand their anti-missile capability in Europe in the framework of the so-called ‘phased adaptive approach.’ We have repeatedly expressed concern over the placement of elements of strategic infrastructure in the immediate vicinity of our borders, which directly affects our interests in the field of security,” he said at a session of the Russian Public Council on International Cooperation and Public Diplomacy in the Public Chamber. CONTINUE READING

Netanyahu: "We won't accept any attempt by UN to dictate terms to Israel"

Sabba – He is in effect calling for the dissolution of the UN which has served its purpose – to protect israel in its infancy and ‘ teen-age’ years. 1,161 more words

BRAZIL - Israeli arrested with 300 kg of cocaine

JERUSALEM POST – Brazilian police have placed under arrest an Israeli citizen suspected of being involved in the international drug trade, Army Radio reported Saturday.  252 more words